All About Grundig Shortwave Radios

With the availability of music, news, and entertainment on TV and the Internet, you’d be forgiven if you believed you might not need a shortwave radio.

Yet, nothing could be further from the truth!

When you think about these radios, Grundig is one brand that should come to mind.

Today’s article will explore the history and current standing of the Grundig brand.

A Brief History of Grundig Radios

Long Grundig radio with a blue background that gradually blurs the further away you get
Grundig radios come from Germany. Max Grundig founded the company in 1945.

Grundig radios are the invention of Max Grundig, a pioneering German businessman.

While Max Grundig had been involved in radio work for a long time, his breakthrough came in 1945 when he founded the radio company.

Like the rest of Europe, Germany had been ravaged by World War II. In addition to the economic hardships people were enduring, they were also desperate for news. So Grundig came up with the radio intending to bridge this information gap.

In Germany, Grundig shortwave radios were an instant hit. The company was known to produce quality, affordable products and played a crucial role in aiding the revival of the German economy.

From Germany to the Rest of the World

Grundig radio’s reputation saw the company grow quickly. Less than 10 years after it was created, it became the biggest radio producer in Germany.

While the company withstood several setbacks in the following years, it continued to expand.

By the 1980s, it had offices in several European countries and the Far East. From these locations, the company exported Grundig radios all over the world.

What Happened to Grundig Radios?

Grundig radios had a global reputation for quality, but one of the company’s problems was competition from Japanese manufacturers.

By the 1980s, several Japanese companies rolled off radios at much lower prices, which ate into Grundig’s market share.

Also earlier, Grundig radio suffered huge losses when the company was forced to close its factory in Belfast in 1973.

That year, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) killed the company’s managing director, thereby ending the company’s operations in Belfast.

While Grundig had started as a radio company, it had diversified its portfolio over the years. It was involved in manufacturing diverse electronic products, including tape recorders and televisions.

Are Grundig Radios Good?

Boxy radio against a scratched wall
Grundig radios are still considered a great shortwave brand today!

Since their first appearance on the market, Grundig radios have always been popular. The first radios were known for their great sound quality and sleek designs.

Moreover, compared to radios of similar quality, Grundig radios have always been reasonably priced, and they have continued to attract customers globally.

Grundig radios are also famous for their user-friendliness. Whether you choose a manually operated radio or a digital one, the radios do not present operational challenges.

They are popular for home entertainment and used when traveling.

Does Shortwave Radio Still Work?

Although radio stations had embraced shortwave broadcasting globally, its use declined significantly after the end of the cold war.

Some famous radio stations reduced their shortwave channels, while others abandoned this mode of transmission in favor of Internet radio and digital frequency modulation.

But shortwave radio never disappeared.

Some of the world’s most famous broadcasters, such as the BBC World Service and Voice of America, have continued to offer shortwave broadcasting for their global audiences.

Also, radio enthusiasts have stuck with their shortwave radios for sentimental reasons.

Shortwave radios are beloved vintage products. While some collectors enjoy the classic designs and the history behind these radios, the radios enable you to tune in to broadcasts from all over the world.

Also, unlike Internet radio and many other digital forms of communication, shortwave radios keep the listener’s identity secret and cannot be jammed.

After many years of reduced demand, shortwave radios are ascending again. Thus, the future looks bright for these products, which were viewed as Cold War relics at some point.

Is Eton the Same as Grundig?

A smaller red radio stacked on top of a larger silver radio against a spotlit background
Grundig and Eton aren’t the same brands, but Eton retails Grundig radios.

Eton and Grundig may appear the same for the North American consumer. Still, there’s a difference between the two.

In 2003, Grundig filed for bankruptcy but retained its relationship with Eton. Even before the bankruptcy, Grundig had a long-standing relationship with Eton.

Going back to the 1980s, the Eton Corporation had taken over developing, manufacturing, and selling Grundig shortwave radios in North America and some other markets.

To date, this arrangement still stands, which is why you’ll find Grundig shortwave radios being sold by Eton.

Where to Buy Grundig Shortwave Radios Online

When you want to buy a Grundig shortwave radio, there are plenty of online places to shop, including:

The Eton Corporation. As the company that designs, manufactures, and sells Grundig shortwave radios in North America, Eton is the ideal place to look for various radios.

Amazon. Amazon is packed with a variety of Grundig shortwave radios, including this.

eBay. eBay has many Grundig shortwave radio models, and you can choose from this vast list.

Best Buy. Searching Best Buy is also ideal when shopping for Grundig shortwave radios.


For over 70 years, Grundig shortwave radios have been a popular choice for people worldwide.

While the company has gone through serious upheavals, the Grundig brand has consistently maintained its position among the global electronic goods market giants.

After a serious decline in the use of shortwave radios, today, the world is experiencing a resurgence in demand for these consumer electronics, and the Grundig brand is one of the most popular.

So, whether you need a shortwave radio for news alerts, music from around the world, or to keep you abreast of world news when other forms of communication fail, you can count on the Grundig brand.

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