Everything You Want to Know About Tecsun Radios

Tecsun is a well-known brand of top-notch radios for over two decades. So whether you’re a shortwave radio enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or need a reliable and portable radio for everyday use, Tecsun has something for you.

In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Tecsun radios, including their features, design, and why they’re an excellent choice for listeners of all levels.

What Are Tecsun Radios?

Up close shot of vintage shortwave radio and dials
Tecsun is a Chinese-based brand that produces shortwave and other styles of radio.

Tecsun is a Chinese company that’s manufactured high-quality radios since the 1990s.

Tecsun was established in 1994 in the city of Dongguan, China. The company was founded to provide quality radio products at an affordable price.

Over the years, Tecsun has become one of the largest radio manufacturers in China.

It has expanded its product line to include many products, including the following:

● Portable and desktop radios

● Digital voice recorders

● Digital audio receivers

Tecsun radios are popular for several reasons.

● The radios are well-designed and are made from high-quality materials, which make them durable and long-lasting.

● Tecsun radios offer excellent performance, sound quality, and reception.

● Tecsun radios are affordable and offer great value for money, making them a popular choice among budget-conscious consumers.

Tecsun Radio Features

Tecsun radios are known for their range of features, including the following.

● Precise digital tuning

● Multi-band reception

● Auto scan and memory storage

Alarm and snooze functions

In this section, I will discuss each of these features in detail.

Digital Tuning

Digital tuning is a key feature of Tecsun radios, allowing quick and accurate tuning into your desired station.

With digital tuning, the tuning process is accomplished using a digital signal processing (DSP) chip, which accurately tunes into the desired frequency and reproduces the audio signal in a digital format.

You can easily save and recall your favorite stations.

Multi-Band Reception

Tecsun radios are equipped with multi-band reception, enabling them to pick up a range of frequencies, including AM, FM, and shortwave.

This provides a wide range of options for finding content and makes it easy to tune into local and international stations.

Auto Scan and Memory Storage

Tecsun radios come with an auto-scan function, which allows the radio to automatically scan through available stations and store the ones it finds in its memory.

This makes saving and recalling your favorite stations easy and helps you discover new content quickly and easily.

Alarm and Snooze Functions

Sleeping woman in bed hitting snooze alarm on nightstand radio at 6 a.m. Tecsun radios offer a snooze function
Tecsun radios include a snooze alarm.

Tecsun radios feature convenient alarm and snooze functions, making them ideal for bedside radios or travel alarms.

These functions allow you to set a wake-up time, choose your preferred radio station, and enjoy a few more minutes of sleep before your alarm goes off again.

Popular Tecsun Radio Product Line

Tecsun offers a wide range of products that cater to the needs of different customers, including the following popular lines.

Tecsun PL880 Portable Digital Radio

The Tecsun PL880 is a versatile, compact digital radio with full-range coverage, including AM/FM, Longwave, Shortwave, and Single Side Band.

Its digital dual conversion receiver provides exceptional sensitivity and selectivity and features four and five selectable bandwidth filters.

With a 24-hour alarm clock and sleep timer, it’s powered by a rechargeable battery with a built-in charger.

Tecsun Digital PL330 Worldband Radio

The Tecsun PL330 is a comprehensive digital portable receiver with AM, FM, longwave, shortwave, and SSB coverage.

Equipped with advanced DSP technology and a high-quality speaker, it delivers exceptional reception sensitivity, selectivity, and sound quality.

Convenient features of this radio include an alarm clock, sleep timer, external antenna input, and 850 memory presets.

TECSUN PL-660 Portable AM FM LW Radio

The TECSUN PL-660 is a comprehensive portable radio that covers AM/FM/LW, aviation & shortwave with Single Side Band capabilities.

AM synchronous detection and dual conversion provide a PLL receiver with enhanced sensitivity and selectivity.

With a dual alarm clock and sleep timer for up to two hours, this radio also has four-way tuning with 2,000 memory capabilities for easy access to your favorite stations.

Tecsun PL-360 Digital Shortwave Radio

The Tecsun PL-360 is a PLL-synthesized digital shortwave radio with DSP technology. It features ETM tuning, 450 memory presets, and a high-sensitivity AM antenna.

The PL-360 also includes an alarm clock, sleep timer, thermometer, and built-in battery charger.

In addition, Tecsun offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Three old radios with one stacked atop another
Tecsun radios are a favorite of shortwave radio enthusiasts.

Are Tecsun Radios Any Good?

Many Tecsun radios, especially the PL-880, are highly rated by shortwave listeners (SWLs) for their excellent performance, sensitivity, and selectivity.

The PL-880 is considered one of the best portable shortwave radios.

Where Are Tecsun Radios Made?

Tecsun radios are made in Dongguan, China. The company has an ISO 9001-certified factory located in the city, which helps ensure the quality of its products.

By controlling the manufacturing process, Tecsun can produce radios that meet their high standards and those of their customers.

Why Is Shortwave Better at Night?

Shortwave radio is better at night due to skywave propagation. At night radio signals are refracted, allowing them to travel further distances and reach areas inaccessible during the day.

Many shortwave radio stations target their broadcasts at night hours for clear reception.

In addition, ionospheric ducting can further enhance the propagation of radio signals, making the night the best time for shortwave listening.

Final Thoughts

Tecsun radios are a great option for those searching for a compact, portable, and versatile radio. They offer comprehensive radio frequency coverage and advanced DSP technology for accurate and stable tuning.

With patented ETM tuning and memory presets, it’s easy to access your favorite stations.

Tecsun radios also have convenient features such as an alarm clock, sleep timer, thermometer, and built-in battery charger.

While some users have reported issues with battery life and sound quality, Tecsun radios are a solid choice for casual listeners, shortwave enthusiasts, travelers, and anyone looking for a reliable and affordable radio.


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