All About Sangean Shortwave Radios: Are They Any Good?

Sangean shortwave radios may not be a new term if you’re an avid listener of shortwave radio broadcasts. These radios make the dream of tuning into international news stations and exploring exciting new sounds on the airwaves a reality.

Today, you’ll learn about Sangean shortwave radios to decide whether they suit your shortwave radio broadcasts.

Let’s dive into the world of Sangean shortwave radios!

What Are Shortwave Radios?

If it’s your first time coming across shortwave radios, here’s a brief explainer.

Shortwave radios are designed to tune into shortwave frequencies between 3,000 and 30,000 kHz (3 and 30 MHz).

Since a wave’s frequency and wavelength are inversely proportional, shortwave radios have higher frequencies, making them ideal for long-distance broadcasts cutting across continents.

Some examples of shortwave radio stations are BBC and Radio France.

Three old radios (like a Sangean shortwave radio) with one stacked atop another
Shortwave radios have high frequencies for listening to long-distance broadcasts, including emergency broadcasts.

The higher frequency capability also makes shortwave radios ideal for emergencies that may need long-range communications.

In most cases, your standard AM/FM radio can only broadcast over a short distance.

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The History of Sangean Shortwave Radios

Sangean shortwave radios are manufactured by Sangean Electronics, Inc., an electronics company headquartered in Zhonghe District, New Taipei, Taiwan.

Although Sangean Electronics Inc. was officially founded in 1974 by C.S. Yang, its genesis started way before.

Yang was passionate about music and sound, a tool he wanted to use to connect with the world. As a result, he assembled his first radio in 1936.

Luckily, Yang got into the military as a communications officer. While serving in this position, he intensified his passion for music and radio.

He continued nurturing this dream while in the military until it materialized in 1974 after establishing the Sangean Electronics Inc. company.

Black shortwave radio on a table with a red ribbon tied around its antenna
Thanks to C.S. Yang’s innovation, shorthand radio technology grew steadily over the years.

In its early days, the company produced portable radios that were popular among travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. The radios were compact and lightweight, making them easier to carry around.

It was not until 1980 that the company broke ground by introducing the SG-786, its first shortwave radio.

Since consumers received this model well, it encouraged the company to manufacture more shortwave radios.

The production of the SG-786 paved the way for the development of the Sangean shortwave radio as we know it today.

Sangean Electronics Inc. has since undergone tremendous technological enhancements to make its radios efficient.

A notable improvement was the introduction of digital tuning for shortwave radios. This technology makes it easy to tune into specific frequencies with greater accuracy than manual tuning.

Why Are Sangean Radios So Popular?

Sangean radios are popular due to the company’s continued technological improvements to meet its customers’ needs. The company is committed to excellence and innovation, making its products stand out.

Sangean Electronics Inc. earned global recognition by opening branches in other countries. For instance, it established a branch office in the US in 1987 and another in Europe in 1997.

The company has kept up with technology by producing what its customers want. The production of HDT-1 in 2005 marked the company’s first step into the digital radio era.

Finally, with the expansion of Wi-Fi in 2008, Sangean became a household name after meeting a massive demand for high-quality radios that support iPod charging, music, and the internet through the DDR-63.

Are Sangean Radios Good Quality?

Sangean radios are of good quality due to the company’s innovative approach.

From digital tuning and Wi-Fi support to Bluetooth connection and iPod compatibility, it’s clear the company has made its radios a force to be reckoned with.

Sangean also employs advanced technology, including computer-controlled frequency synthesis and digital signal processing to create its shortwave radios.

Commitment to technology is a factor that makes Sangean radios high-quality.

Unlike other companies that outsource some of their services, Sangean Electronics Inc. is in charge of its entire production chain.

From the production of electronic goods to the assembly of products, Sangean is involved in every step. Therefore, it meets the stringent quality standards for its products.

Sangean guarantees the best shortwave radios using superior quality components and rigorous testing procedures.

Is Sangean Made in China?

You’ve probably heard that Sangean Electronics Inc. has its headquarters in Taiwan. Is this in China or a different country?

Technically, Taiwan is a different country from mainland China.

Two hands holding up small beige portable radio
Sangean radios are produced in Taiwan.

While mainland China is referred to as the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan is the Republic of China. The latter is home to about 23 million people.

Sangean products come from the Republic of China. However, the company has production facilities and offices in other countries, including the United States, Europe, and Dongguan in mainland China.

Which Is Better, Sangean or Tivoli?

Imagine you’re in the market for a shortwave radio. The two brands that catch your attention are Sangean and Tivoli–which is better?

Sangean is better than Tivoli due to its high-quality components. The former has an excellent speaker with HD sound quality, a feature most consumers look for in shortwave radios.

Moreover, Sangean radios have an excellent power filtering circuit that eliminates hissing and humming.

Top 5 Most Popular Sangean Radios

The following are the most popular Sangean radios:

  1. ATS-909X2 TW
  2. Sangean WR-22WL
  3. Sangean WR-11SE
  4. Sangean PR-D12
  5. Sangean SNGSG118

Final Thoughts

Sangean shortwave radios are popular due to the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

The company has kept up with technology by manufacturing products that meet customer needs, such as the HDT-1 in 2005 and the DDR-63 series in 2008.

Therefore, you can rest assured of superior sound quality and advanced features when you buy a Sangean shortwave radio.

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