Houston’s Best 10 AM Radio Stations: Your Ultimate Guide

Although they may not be as modern as FM, DAB, or digital radio stations, AM channels offer exceptional variety to today’s audio lovers.

What’s more, the great thing about AM radio is you don’t need the most expensive or technologically advanced radio system to tune in.

88 percent of Americans still listen to terrestrial radio broadcasts across AM and FM channels today.

The question for Houston locals and visitors is which AM channels deliver the best content?

Today, we’ll discuss some of the most renowned and popular AM radio stations available to consumers in the Houston market to help you find the ultimate source of entertainment.

The Best Houston AM Radio Stations

AM radio is a highly versatile option for audio entertainment in Houston.

There are dozens of channels to choose from, including niche stations focused on religion or politics, music stations, and numerous talk-show channels.

Your opinion of which stations are the best for AM radio in Houston will likely vary depending on your streaming preferences and tastes.

However, for this article, we’ve focused on some of the most well-known AM channels with the most interesting histories and the best range of content.

Let’s dive in.


Hand adjusting black AM radio against a floral wallpaper
KIKK broadcasts from Louisiana to Texas and has been on the air in some form since 1947.

Otherwise known as The Bet, KIKK is a daytime-only radio station licensed to Pasadena in Texas, which broadcasts a sports and gambling format.

Owned by Audacy, KIKK has a massive coverage area, branching from Lake Charles in Louisiana to Flatonia, Texas.

Originally, KIKK started operations as the KRCT station in 1947 and spent most of its history airing country music playlists.

It wasn’t until KIKK that the channel switched to a sports format, partnering with CBS Sports Radio for insights and commentary on local and national games.

After merging with Entercom in 2017, KIKK expanded its programming to offer more insights into betting opportunities and gambling in the sports landscape.

It also hosts programming from the co-owned BetQL network throughout the day.

Frequency: 650 kHz

Website: KIKK


Another popular sports-focused station on the AM airwaves, KBME, is owned by the major radio parent company, iHeartMedia.

The station primarily airs sports-talk content and nationally syndicated Fox Sports radio programming.

This is a great channel for anyone looking to tune into local games. KBME is the flagship station for the Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, and the Texas Longhorns.

It’s also the Houston affiliate for the Texas A&M Aggies football and basketball games. Listeners can expect live commentary and coverage of major games and useful insights from well-known presenters.

Alongside sports commentary, KBME is well-known for sharing news updates and general interest stories relevant to the residents of Houston, Texas.

The channel also airs shows like the Sean Salisbury Show and the Michael Connor: The Astros Insider program.

Frequency: 790 kHz

Website: KBME


Ideal for those in search of versatile radio programming, KCOH is a commercial station in Houston with an urban talk and urban contemporary format.

The station started under the KNUZ format and has broadcasted a top 40 music hits format for several years.

For a brief time, the station experimented with a collaboration with ESPN Deportes Radio, focusing on sports-related programming, before it moved back to the urban format.

The station is now otherwise known as The Source and stands as one of the top radio channels for urban, gospel, and R&B-focused playlists.

The station has hosted many legendary radio personalities, including Amber Shaw, Michael Harris, Ralph Cooper, and Paris Eley.

It’s a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to mix entertaining talk shows with unique music playlists.

Frequency: 1230 kHz

Website: KCOH


Two radio hosts sitting opposite each other at a wooden desk
KEYH or Houston Radio Platinum plays all sorts of music on the AM airwaves.

Many people throughout Houston will likely know KEYH as a regional Mexican radio station with sports programming and world music playlists.

However, after a brief silence in 2020, the KEYH station updated its formatting to focus on classic hits throughout the decades.

Today, KEYH is known as Houston Radio Platinum. Programming on the station includes a morning show (Mornings with Jimbo), a midday show with Joey K, and evening sessions with presenters such as Moby and Chris Rubio.

This versatile station provides plenty of options when it comes to entertainment, with playlists featuring a variety of genres, from rock to R&B, hip-hop, and pop.

Frequency: 850 kHz

Website: KEYH


KNTH could be your best AM radio channel if your radio entertainment tastes tend to favor talk show stations. The Salem Media Group owns KNTH, a conservative talk station that broadcasts syndicated programming on weekdays, such as The Mike Gallagher Show, Morning in America, and Bloomberg on the Money.

During weekends, listeners can expect to hear a variety of locally produced programs on various niche topics. Howard Garrett, the “Dirt Doctor,” covers gardening tips, while Chris Miles shares insights into house care and home improvement.

Plus, various nationally syndicated shows are available on topics like health, real estate, and money management.

The station is also home to broadcasts covering Baylor University football and political programming with a conservative spin.

Frequency: 1070 kHz

Website: KNTH


Another popular choice for talk radio lovers, KPRC is owned by the iHeartMedia group and operates as a Fox News Radio affiliate.

The channel mainly focuses on conservative talk shows. It is best known for programs like the Walton & Johnson Show and The Jesse Kelly Show.

The station also covers local and national news, political topics, commentaries on the United States, and sports-focused programming. It shares live commentary primarily from sports teams at the University of Houston.

Most of the time, listeners can enjoy nationally syndicated and produced shows on the KPRC channel, such as the Glenn Beck Radio program. However, the station also offers brokered programming slots purchased by local business owners.

Frequency: 950 kHz

Website: KPRC


AM radio numbers in blue on black
KRTH is a great station for checking out the latest news in Houston.

KRTH could be the ideal station for you if you want to stay updated with the latest news in Houston.

Another channel owned by the iHeartMedia group, KRTH broadcasts a talk radio format, and it’s also the Southern Texas primary entry station for the Emergency Alert System.

Shara Fryer and Jimmy Barrett are two of the most well-known presenters for this station, responsible for hosting the channel’s morning news program, Houston’s Morning News.

Michael Berry, who also runs a syndicated program based out of KRTH, covers late mornings and early evenings.

As well as unique regional shows, KRTH also airs several well-known nationally syndicated programs, such as The Sean Hannity Show, The Mark Levin Show, and Coast to Coast AM.

Frequency: 740 kHz

Website: KRTH


A slightly more niche option for AM radio lovers, KXYZ is a commercial radio station featuring an all-news format primarily aimed at the African American community.

The station is an affiliate of the co-owned Black Information Network. It regularly broadcasts stories about the challenges and issues facing African American locals.

In addition to carrying national network news, the channel also broadcasts Houston-area updates on traffic, weather, and reports.

Interestingly, before switching to the all-news format, KXYZ experimented with various playlists, including one format that offered brokered programming in four languages.

Members of the KXYZ team today include Chris Thompson, Andrew Coleman, Lauren Crawford, and Mike Stevens.

Notably, the station’s hosts and affiliates also create a variety of podcasts available to stream online.

Frequency: 1320 kHz

Website: KXYZ


Male radio host wearing headphones opposite a woman radio host who's blurry
KTEK is a religious AM channel in Houston.

KTEK may be an AM channel in Houston you’re familiar with if you’re a fan of religious radio.

The station, owned by Relevant Radio, serves the full Greater Houston area. However, it doesn’t broadcast any specific local programming.

Instead, the channel is a repeater for the comprehensive Relevant Radio network.

The non-commercial Catholic radio station simulcasts over three Houston licensed translators, giving it a broad reach over the landscape.

Programming on the channel includes Daily Mass at noon, and the Family Rosary show at 7 p.m. daily.

Though this station has a somewhat controversial reputation for its highly religious programming, it may be a popular choice for those searching for traditional sermons and catholic stories.

Frequency: 1110 kHz

Website: KTEK

10. KSEV

Owned by Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, KSEV is a commercial radio station broadcasting the talk radio format.

It’s one of only 12 stations in the United States to broadcast on a 700 kHz wavelength. On weekdays, the channel features programs from local hosts in the morning and afternoon drive-time segments.

Hosts include memorable names such as Ben Shapiro, Brian Kilmeade, Dana Loesch, and Dan Bongino. The station’s best-known shows include First Light for morning listeners and Red Eye Radio.

On weekends, the channel carries a variety of programs about health, lifestyle, money, real estate, gardening, and even cars.

The station competes with two other primary talk stations in the Houston market: KTRH and KPRC, owned by iHeartMedia.

Frequency: 700 kHz

Website: KSEV

The Best AM Radio Stations in Houston

While AM radio stations in Houston might offer less variety in programming options than FM and DAB stations, there are still plenty of options.

The AM airwaves may be the perfect choice if you’re looking for talk shows, nationally syndicated programming, and regular news updates on sports, traffic, and weather.

Just keep in mind that, like FM stations, AM stations can regularly change their programming strategy and format over time, so it’s worth browsing through each channel to see what’s available.

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