CD Revival: Check Out These 10 Best CD Players With Speakers

Who says CDs are dead? Sales have been on the rise since 2022, proving that everything that was once old becomes new again.

If it’s been forever since you’ve owned a CD player, you might have dusted off your trusty old stereo only to find it no longer works.

Don’t sweat it. I recently went through a bit of a CD revival myself personally, and I tried a lot of radios before settling on the right one.

I was picky, as I didn’t want just any radio, but one with speakers.

Here are 10 that caught my eye…and ear!

1. Home CD Stereo LP-886

Up close of a gray plastic CD player with a shiny disc in the open disc tray
Enjoy superb audio quality with the Home CD Stereo LP-886.

The Home CD Stereo LP-886 is a compact music player with super high-quality speakers. I couldn’t believe the quality that came out of these babies. Better yet, it’s not a space hog.

Do you fancy an all-in-one music hub? The LP-886 allows you to play CDs, listen to your favorite radio stations, and connect your phone via Bluetooth.

So, it’s got you covered whether you’re jamming to your old CDs or streaming new hits from your phone.

Moreover, if you’re searching for magic for your ears, the LP-886 delivers, thanks to its silk dome tweeters and rubber woofers.

It has technology that makes your music sound super clear, with incredible bass and treble—turning your room into a mini concert venue.


● Excellent memory function

● 5EQ modes

● Bluetooth connectivity

● USB playback

● 12-month warranty


● TF / SD card support is unavailable

2. Magnavox MD6924

Owning this Magnavox CD player is like having a super cool retro player you can take anywhere. You’ll almost wish for the days when people would carry boomboxes ont he street.

Imagine enjoying your favorite ’90s music indoors and then packing it with batteries for outdoor adventures.

It’s like your personal time machine that makes your music sound awesome wherever you go.

This CD player isn’t just about discs; it’s got your back when enjoying all sorts of tunes. You can listen to old-school radio with AM/FM and even plug in your smartphone or other gadgets.

How do some things just seem to last forever? Well, this CD player is one of those things. It’s built tough with high-quality stuff to stand the test of time. So, you can count on it to keep your music going for years.


● Playback flexibility

● AC / DC adapter compatibility

● LED display

● Stereo sound


● 6-C batteries not included

3. KEiiD Bluetooth Stereo

The KEiiD Bluetooth Stereo CD player is super simple to use, which I appreciate. You’ve got a knob, buttons, and even a remote control. Adjusting your music is a breeze, and there’s no need to decipher complicated settings.

Imagine putting in a CD, and it slips in like a ninja – completely silent. No more annoying noises to disrupt your work zone if you need a CD player to keep you company as you work from home.

Here’s a bonus. It’s got a classy wooden design that’ll make your home office look fantastic.

Additionally, no more guesswork! The KEiiD Bluetooth CD player has a five-inch screen that tells you everything you need to know. What song you’re jamming to, which folder it’s in, and all the settings are there.


● Rich stereo sound

● FM radio

● One-year warranty

● Home theater potential


4. KLIM Speaker

Blue and silver portable CD player with blue, green, and pink CDs on a white background
The KLIM Speaker CD Player is multifunctional and supports earphones.

The KLIM Speaker CD player is like the Swiss Army knife of music. You can use the built-in speakers for a casual jam, or if you want to get lost in your music, there are earphones in the mix.

And guess what? It can also play music straight from CDs or SD / TF cards. It even hooks up to your car with the AUX IN cable. Super easy, right?

It’s not just for tech wizards; this speaker is for everyone. If you’re into audiobooks, it’s got you covered. It can even start where you left off.

Musicians can practice with it by changing the speed, which is fantastic.

Plus, no more hunting for batteries; it’s rechargeable and lasts hours.


● Portable

● Anti-skip protection

● Durable

● Five-year warranty


● USB playback is not supported

5. PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System

The Philips Bluetooth Stereo is a music buddy that does it all. You can play your CDs, stream your favorite playlists with Bluetooth, and tune in to cool radio stations. There’s no need for different gadgets; it’s all right here.

These speakers are like your personal concert setup. They make your music sound crystal clear, with that thumping bass that gets everyone grooving.

They’re so loud they can turn your room into a mini concert hall. Perfect for jamming with friends or just vibing in your space.

This Philips stereo system isn’t just about the tunes; it’s got style. The design is classic, like something out of a vintage music studio.

With Bluetooth, you can blast your tunes up to 10 meters away. Plus, there’s a handy USB port for charging your gadgets.

And if you ever feel like controlling it all from your comfy spot, the remote control is ready to go.


● 60W peak speaker output

● Digital Sound Control


● TF / SD card not supported

6. Toshiba TY-CWU700

The Toshiba TY-CWU700 CD player bridges the past and the present. This fabulous wooden design takes you back in time, but it’s not stuck in the past.

You can play your favorite tunes from your phone and USB drives. So, it’s like old-school cool meets modern magic.

With Bluetooth, you can blast your tunes from your phone without being stuck in one spot.

So, while chilling with friends, cleaning up, or doing some yoga, the music is right there with you.

When your phone playlist runs out of tunes, don’t sweat it. You can switch to the built-in radio or pop in one of those classic CDs.

Whether you’re team Apple or Android, this player offers a seamless connection to your smart devices. And with the LED display, finding your way around your music is super easy.


● Up to 30 FM presets

● Rich stereo sound

● Aux in

● Deep bass


● Aux in cable not included

7. Nextron CB-500BT

Imagine having a music system that delivers a live concert at home, outdoors, or during your commutes.

With the Nextron CB-500BT, you don’t have to imagine; you can live the reality.

The CD player has these two excellent front speakers that make your music sound bigger, richer, and better.

It’s not just about regular old CDs; it’s about being the captain of your music ship. This player can handle all kinds of CDs, even those MP3 ones and audiobooks.

Moreover, the Nextron CB-500BT has tricks like shuffling songs, repeating your faves, and making playlists.

You can tune in to AM and FM radio stations and set up to 30 of your top picks. It’s like having your personalized radio station wherever.


● Full-screen LCD

● Aux in and headphone jack

● AC/battery power

● Dynamic, balanced, and clear stereo sound


● 6-C batteries not included

8. Retekess TR621

Up close of a curvy, shiny red CD player with chunky silver buttons
Check out the Retekess TR621 if you want to listen to those old burned mixtapes you still have on CD.

The Retekess TR621 is a total combo deal that plays regular and burned CDs and has space for those classic cassette tapes.

With the Retekess, you can bring your whole music collection on the road. It’s like a music treasure chest all in one.

Not only does it play CDs, but it also doubles as an MP3 player. You can pop in a microSD card or a USB flash drive, and your music gets a stereo boost.

No need to leave your cozy spot. This player comes with a remote control which makes it possible to change your CDs or switch tracks up to 32 feet away.

If you want to change things up, there’s a built-in AM/FM radio with an excellent telescopic antenna. It helps you catch your favorite stations indoors or outdoors—chasing your next adventure.


● Two power supplies (AC and battery)


● Tape and CD recording


● 6-D batteries not included

9. Qoosea QoCD01

Five words describe the Qoosea QoCD01 perfectly—a CD player with significant upgrades.

It plays your favorite CDs better, rocks some seriously cool speakers, finds more radio stations, connects to your phone through Bluetooth like a breeze, and even loves your USB drives and memory cards.

Plus, you’ve got a remote control to rule it all.

This CD player is all about keeping things clean and sleek. If you’re not into wall art, you can stick it on your space’s wall as a funky decoration or use a desk stand.


● TF/SD card support

● Wall mountable

● USB charging

● Remote control

● Hi-Fi stereo music


● Dust cover not included


The MEGATEK CB-M25BT CD player has got big buttons and a superb display with a light that makes it easy to read. Perfect for enjoying music at home, in your room, or even when you’re on the move.

Additionally, its two three-inch speakers pump out some seriously incredible sound.

And guess what? You can tweak the sound to your liking with five different equalizer modes. So, it’s like having your own mini music studio.

This player can handle it all, whether you’re playing regular CDs, burned ones, or even audiobooks. Mix things with shuffle, repeat, and create your music playlist.


● Portable

● FM radio with 30 presets

● Crisp stereo sound

● Bluetooth connectivity

● USB playback

● AC/battery-operated


● 4-C batteries not included

Final Thoughts

Celebrate the return of CDs with one of these fantastic CD players with speakers. They’ve got the old-school charm you come to expect from a CD player but with modern sound quality. What could be better?

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