The 12 Best Radio Stations for Music in Australia for 2023

The best radio stations for music in Australia give audio fans around the country access to countless fantastic programs and playlists every day.

While Aussie music lovers have all the convenient options for listening to tunes as the rest of us, from online streams to digital downloads, radio remains as popular as ever. Australia is one of the few places worldwide where radio listenership grows consistently.

In 2022, a GfK survey found the number of weekly radio listeners in Australia had increased by eight percent since the previous year, creating around 12 million avid broadcasting fans.

Other reports suggest approximately 71 percent of the Australian population now listens to the radio regularly. That adds up to about 15.6 million Australians consuming more audio every day.

So, as demand for radio continues to grow, how do you find the best stations for listening to music?

Today, we will list some of Australia’s most popular music-focused radio stations as of 2023, exploring options from various genres.

The 12 Best Radio Stations for Music in Australia

More than 300 commercial radio stations and 400 community radio stations are located throughout Australia.

In other words, if you’re looking for a way to get your music fix, you should have plenty of options.

Since anyone’s definition of the “best” radio station can vary, we’ve focused on the most popular stations around today, with the highest listener numbers and the best acclaim.

However, we’ve also tried to cover a range of channel styles, so you’re sure to find something you like, regardless of whether you’re into pop or hip-hop.

1. Triple J

A person driving a car adjusting the radio settings in their vehicle
Triple J might be Australia’s most popular radio station. It’s been on the air since 1975!

Arguably one of Australia’s best-known radio stations, Triple J is a government-funded, national channel that appeals to “alternative music” fans.

Available on FM, DAB, and online channels, Triple J started broadcasting in 1975 and significantly focuses on Australian content, highlighting local artists and creators.

Triple J frequently features various kinds of new and alternative music, local performers, and specialty programs in different genres. It also covers current affairs and news from a youth-oriented perspective.

Plus, listeners can tune in to hear about upcoming gigs and events.

Website: Triple J

2. Double J

While Triple J focuses on reaching a younger audience with alternative music, Double J targets a slightly older audience.

It’s positioned as a spin-off of the youth-focused Triple J and emphasizes genres like blues, rock, pop, country, soul, jazz, and world music.

At present, the channel runs on a primarily automated basis, though it occasionally includes live programs and events too.

In 2022, a group of singer-songwriters even wrote to the federal communications minister to request Double J be given an FM license so that the channel could broadcast outside of the digital landscape.

Website: Double J

3. The Nova Network

The Nova Network is a collection of five radio stations owned by the larger Nova Entertainment.

Each station has its own dedicated breakfast show, with daytime, drive, and night program segments specifically designed for each audience.

On each station, listeners can usually expect to hear an adult contemporary format with top hits from various genres.

Notably, the initial music selection on the Nova Network channels was similar to Triple J before the group drifted towards a more commercial format.

The radio station is particularly popular among women aged 45 and 54 across Australia.

Website: Nova

4. 2Day FM

On-air sign, laptop, microphone, and cup of coffee for broadcasting radio in Australia against an orange background
2Day FM once played easy listening but now broadcasts dance, hip-hop, rock, and pop hits.

Broadcasting in Sydney on a frequency of 104.1 MHz, 2Day FM operates as part of the Southern Cross Austereo Hit Network.

First launching in 1980, 2Day FM was one of Australia’s first three stations to be granted new FM broadcasting licenses that year.

The original owners were well-known media personalities, such as Graham Kennedy and John Laws.

Initially, the broadcast focused on easy listening music before shifting to pop, rock, hip-hop, and dance music in the late 1980s and beyond.

Today, the playlists follow the Hot Adult Contemporary format, with a variety of songs to listen to. 2Day FM also has a digital radio channel and smartphone app for tech-savvy listeners.

Website: 2Day FM

5. KIIS 106.5

Operating in Sydney, KIIS 1065 is a commercial channel running on the 106.5 MHz frequency.

It’s one of the flagship stations on the ARN KIIS network and hosts the headline show, The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

First airing in 1925, KIIS has a relatively long-standing history within the Australian airwaves. It started as 2UW, an AM radio station, before evolving.

2UW was one of the most innovative radio stations in Australia for a time, particularly during the 60s.

Today, the channel broadcasts a CHR Top 40 format, showcasing the latest trending music.

Website: KIIS 106.5

6. ABC Classic

Formerly ABC-FM, ABC Classic is an Australian classical music station available both in the Australian region and internationally.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s operated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and the station’s playlists often include news segments too.

ABC Classic broadcasts classical music, operas, live concerts, and recitals. Live music is a big feature of the programming, with many shows broadcast on the air available to access online later.

In addition, the channel hosts several special events throughout the year, such as AusMusic Month and the Classic 100 countdown.

Website: ABC Classic

7. 3RRR

Dark radio studio with the microphone in the foreground and a person in the studio blurry in the background
3RRR or Triple R was once run by college students at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Known simply as “Triple R,” 3RRR is an Australian community radio station in Melbourne.

It first began broadcasting in 1976 as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology student radio station.

The channel focuses on educating, informing, and entertaining its listeners with a wide variety of programs, news reports, and music.

In 2016, 3RRR was inducted into the music hall of Fame. Today, it currently boasts hundreds of thousands of listeners every week.

Listeners can expect to hear various music genres here, from rock and hip-hop to electronic music.

Website 3RRR

8. Triple M

Another famous Australian music channel with the word “triple” in its name is Triple M.

Southern Cross Austereo operates this commercial radio network. It has 40 stations, all broadcasting the same mainstream rock music format.

The station started as Triple M Sydney, broadcasting in 1980. Over the years, the network expanded, with new locations popping up across the country.

Triple M even launched its digital radio channel and has taken part in several inventive marketing tactics over the years.

For instance, it launched the “High Voltage Radio” pop-up station in 2010, which only played AC/DC.

Website: Triple M


Also known as the Progressive Broadcasting Service, PBS FM is a community (cooperatively owned) radio station located in Melbourne, broadcasting on 106.7FM and in DAB and online formats.

The channel celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019.

PBS is a relatively unique radio station in Australia, focusing on specialist contemporary and progressive music.

The channel hosts about 80 programs per week, focusing on highlighting musical diversity.

Volunteers at the station also have the option to exclusively choose their content rather than following a specific format.

Website: PBS FM

10. Smooth 95.3

Radio angled on the sand at the beach
Smooth 95.3 plays music from the 1950s onward.

Owned by Nova Entertainment, Smooth 95.3 is a commercial radio station based in Sydney that broadcasts on the 95.3 MHz wavelength.

In contrast to Nova Entertainment’s other radio brand, which focuses heavily on pop and rock, Smooth was created with a focus on easy-listening songs.

The channel’s playlists include tracks from the 1950s to the present day.

Although it targets a relatively niche audience, Smooth 95.3 has gained a lot of popularity over the years. In 2015, it was crowned the number-one FM station in Australia, with an 8.2 percent market share.

That’s pretty big if you consider all the stations active in Australia today!

Website: Smooth 95.3

11. 96FM

Otherwise known as 6NOW, 96FM is a commercial FM radio station from Perth across Western Australia. ARN now owns it but was formerly part of the Village Roadshow and Fairfax Media.

When it first launched, 96FM was Perth’s first commercial FM station. It was also the first station in Australia to play music from CDs.

By 1986, 96FM has reached number one in the Perth radio ratings. Though its listenership has moved up and down over the years, it remains a popular channel today.

The station primarily focuses on active rock music from current artists in the Australian landscape.

Website: 96FM

12. WSFM

101.7 WSFM is one of Australia’s best radio stations for music, located in Sydney.

The playlist on the channel primarily revolves around commercial music, focusing on classic hits from the 1960s to the modern day. However, ’80s hits are most common on the channel.

WSFM is part of the Pure Gold Network, which belongs to ARN. It broadcasts on the 101.7FM frequency, with two repeaters across the MacArthur and Richmond/Hawkesbury regions.

Website: WSFM

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