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Best comedy radio shows: Where to find funny radio stations

The best comedy radio shows are there to keep you laughing on even the bleakest of days. With everything from hilarious talk segments to pranking shows, comedy radio stations have plenty of great variety to offer.

In the US, funny radio stations may not be quite as common as stations dedicated to top 40 hits or R&B music, but they’re still out there. If you need a way to tickle your funny bone, you can either tune into a local station, or check out some of the popular options on the web.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the most popular comedy radio shows, so you can laugh yourself silly on the way to work.


Available: Online or 800 AM (Bakersfield, California)

One of the few AM radio stations still broadcasting popular content throughout the US, KBFP is a radio station using the “Today’s Comedy” satellite feed.

Located in Bakersfield, California, the show serves most of inland central California, and is owned by one of the biggest radio companies in the world – iHeartMedia.

In August 2014, KBFP transitioned from the 24/7 Comedy satellite feed to the Today’s Comedy feed, following the 24/7 feed shutting down. The 800 AM frequency is also a clear-channel frequency, which means it’s required to reduce power during the night to avoid interference.

This station is usually home to a huge range of hilarious talk shows and segments, where people talk about their own hilarious experiences. There’s no shortage of popular names on the channel too, often performing mini “bits” from comedy shows.

2. Rick and Bubba

Available: Online

The Rick and Bubba Show is an American comedy radio show based in Alabama. The show is nationally syndicated and produced at the WZZK FM radio station. This show also runs live every weekday for five hours, hosted by Bill Bubba Bussey, and Rick Burgees.

The program first began in 1994 and eventually moved to Vestavia Hills in 2008. This location houses the studio and the management offices for the program. The new space allowed fans to come and witness the show from the sidewalk and earn “Golden Ticket” seats in the studio too.

Though the Rick and Bubba show is no longer available on satellite radio, you can still find it syndicated on various channels, and hosted online today.  


Available: Online or 990 AM (Albany, Oregon)

KTHH is a radio station licensed to serve the Albany, Oregon area in the United States. The station broadcasts in a comedy radio format, and sometimes airs Major Legal Baseball games too.

Owned by Bicoastal Media, the station started life in 1959 and changed its call sign multiple times over the years.

When KTHH chose its most recent call sign, it dropped the classic country music programming and chose a progressive talk format instead. The channel was branded “The Truth”, for its hard-hitting talk segments.

As part of an internal reorganization, the station eventually changed its formatting to comedy in 2011.

Today, Comedy 990 is home to a humorous talk-show vibe, where listeners can enjoy constantly funny content streamed throughout the day.

4. Grumpy Dingo

Available: Online

Grumpy Dingo Radio, available both online and in an app format, streams “stand-up” comedy in bite-sized chunks throughout the entire day, 7 days a week. The carefully curated content aims to provide listeners with a wide selection of shows to laugh about.

Listener-supported, the Grumpy Dingo doesn’t follow the standard commercial radio format. There’s a website where listeners can go to learn more about the comedy broadcasts, and there are social media channels too, so you can follow the team and show your support.

According to today’s listeners, the app offers a great variety of comedy programs to listen to, without wasting too much of your battery or data.


Available: Online or 820 AM (Hamilton, Ontario)

CHAM is an Ontario based comedy radio station, owned by the Bell Media Company. The station broadcasts a funny radio format featuring mostly blocks of stand-up comedy from famous comedians, as well as comedic talk-shows.

CHAM started its operations in 1959, first exploring middle-of-the-road music, and top 40 songs. Over time, the CHAM station changed its stripes, experimenting with a wide range of different musical and talk-show-based programming options.

For a while, CHAM simply tried to embrace the “talk” landscape but found it didn’t get the numbers required to continue broadcasting this way. In 2012, the station changed to a full-time comedy broadcast, sharing a consistent selection of local content and commentary from talk-show hosts.

The station stopped terrestrial distribution in 2014, but it has continued to air stand-up comedy since the shut-down.

6. 24/7 Comedy

Available: Online

24/7 Comedy was a 24-hour commercial-free radio station produced by the Premier Networks of iHeartMedia in the US, and Bell Media in Canada.

The satellite-driven station showcased a range of emerging and established comedians, including Louis C.K and Jeff Foxworthy, usually in a rapid-fire style of presentation.

The short and fast-paced comedic station aired a wide variety of programs over the years, sharing everything from content from comedy festivals to competitions.

For some time, every week featured a different comedian as a guest-host, appearing on air to tell stories about their experiences in the industry.

The 24/7 Comedy station began phasing out its terrestrial broadcasts in 2014 but continued broadcasting online through the iHeartRadio app and website. Outside of the standard “24/7” comedy broadcast, iHeartMedia also offers 24/7 Comedy Legends, and Urban Comedy.

7. Demented Radio

Available: Online

With standup comedy radio and funny radio stations less common in the US these days, many fans of streamed content look for entertainment online.

There are a handful of options on the web today, including “Demented Radio”, which is an unusual, and somewhat controversial approach to comedy radio, located in California.

The station airs a number of different kinds of comedy on a constant basis online. You can listen into various parodies, spoofs, and old-time comedy radio in the same place. The station runs on a mostly automated basis, so you won’t hear live presenters.

Notably, Demented Radio also has social media channels where the team behind the station frequently connects with its listeners.

8. Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud

Available: Online

Offered within the Sirius XM selection of comedy radio channels, Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud radio is precisely what you’d expect. On channel 96 for Sirius XM, Kevin Hart, a famous comedian, brings his unique brand to the radio landscape.

You’ll be able to listen to a huge standup comedy library here, with multiple shows and talk sessions with Hart himself. This station specializes in comedy and conversation, similar to many of the other popular shows on the Sirius XM playlist.

9. Blue Planet Prank Radio

Available: Online

The Blue Planet Prank radio channel is a little different to most of the comedy radio stations you’ll find in the US today.

While this station won’t appeal to everyone, it’s definitely a labor of love for the person behind it. According to them, they’ve been collecting internet and phone prank recordings for several years.

Using this personal collection of recordings, the station airs a wide variety of “prank” style content throughout the day, with new pieces often appearing on a regular basis. You can also visit the website where you can see some of the most common “pranks” listed to listen again.

Blue Planet Prank Radio has its own app on Google Play, as well as a presence on social media for those who want to follow its progress.

10. The Humor Mill

Available: Online

Located within the Los Angeles, California area, the Humor Mill is an online funny radio station, dedicated to keeping you laughing – wherever you are. This station streams the latest news, entertainment, and comedy from the US, to help keep you in the best possible mood.

According to the team behind the Humor Mill, the station provides a wide selection of urban comedy programs, mixed with sketches and standup snippets. The combination of comedy and news means you’ll always have something to maintain your attention on this channel.

You can stream the Humor Mill online, with the Streema app. It’s also worth checking out the station’s presence on social media.

11. Chicago’s Comedy Scene Radio

Available: Online

Another interesting example of online comedy radio stations, Chicago’s Comedy Scene radio broadcasts snippets of shows from comedians throughout the day. You’ll hear from some up-and-coming, as well as established names in comedy.

The station, which has its own dedicated website if you want to check out talk sessions and interviews outside of the live broadcast, is a great place to go for variety.

There’s access to a huge range of exciting comedy shows, often advertised in advance, so you have time to plan when you’re going to tune in.

The Chicago Comedy Scene radio station is available on both the iOS and Google app store too, so you can listen to the channel on the move.

12. Radio Onion Ring

Available: Online

With a handful of programs available on channels like Spotify, and Clubhouse, you might already be somewhat familiar with Radio Onion Ring. Advertised as the best mainstream comedy radio station on the market, this channel shares a range of different programming options for listeners.

You can stream comedy shows and snippets from standup performances, as well as comedy and novelty music if you’re in the mood for something different. There are even occasional shows about sci-fi and other topics, so you can have a little extra variety.

On the Radio Onion Ring website, you’ll be able to jump back and forth between songs and show sections or download the playlist to your phone. There’s also the option to request a song or segment on this station too.

13. Laugh USA

Available: Online

A Sirius XM Radio channel featuring broadcasts from standup shows and family-ready comedy, Laugh USA is ideal if you’re looking for fun with the family. The slogan of the channel is “Comedy for Everyone”, so you shouldn’t expect any overly controversial or hard-hitting comedy here.

The kind of humorous content aired on this channel can contain mild profanities and very slightly risqué material, but it’s not usually considered to be offensive.

Although there’s a lot of variety in the formatting, comedian segments include sessions from Gabriel Iglesias, Brian Regan, Bill Cosby, and Chonda Pierce, among others.

You’ll hear from a number of classic and well-known comedians on Laugh USA. There’s also a website where you can look into upcoming shows.

14. TakeOver Vegas Radio

Described as the station offering more “fun” to listeners, TakeOver Vegas Radio has a wide selection of content options to explore. Aside from comedy shows, which include humorous songs, standup snippets, and talk segments, the station is also home to a range of other talk shows.

You can listen to entertaining music, get involved with huge competitions and giveaways, and even learn some interesting things about the Vegas scene too. The station is currently up for an award at the Annual Radio Rewards at the time of writing, for the “Best of Last Vegas” category.

Currently, the station is available in more than 190 countries, and 600 US cities, across a huge selection of around 15 radio stations. This channel is also responsible for covering some of the biggest events in the entertainment industry too.

15. Comedy Hits Radio

Available: Online

“Hits Radio” is actually an online radio broadcasting station, responsible for offering a wide range of radio shows to modern listeners. More than just a comedy radio station, this channel plays top 20 hits, country songs, oldies, and rock tunes too.

Within the “Just for laughs” segment, you’ll find a selection of five different stations you can listen to either independently, or all at once. Here, the station streams all kinds of fresh comedy from some of the world’s top comedians.

There are dozens of people to listen to, and you can skip back and forth between different programs depending on your interests.

The station has its own website where you can see the top songs and comedy broadcasts trending in the moment. Plus, with an app available, it’s easy to download the entertainment you need and explore your options wherever you are.

16. ORS Radio

Available: Online

The best comedy radio shows in the US today can range all the way from controversial talk shows, to softer, more light-hearted streams featuring stand-up comedy moments. ORS radio is an online show with thousands of listeners around the world.

The station plays light and fun talk-show style comedy, with plenty of chat, and snippets from shows to keep you giggling. On this station, listeners will be able to enjoy everything from funny parody songs, to podcasts, and segments from other shows.

Probably the best way to access this funny radio station is through the MyTuner app, as you can switch between different comedy shows this way, whenever you encounter a segment, you’re not particularly interested in.

17. AM America’s Old Time Radio

Available: Online

Offered as part of the “TuneIn” app for radio lovers on the move, AM America’s Old Time radio comedy channel offers exactly what you would expect from the title. Unlike most of the funny radio stations available online in the US today, this channel showcases mostly classic comedy.

If you’re a fan of the kind of comedy you might have heard in old-fashioned radio talk shows, this could be the ideal channel for you. Although the audio quality isn’t the best on all of the clips, most are still good enough to give you the laugh you’re looking for.

The AM Old Time Radio comedy channel plays a selection of nostalgic classic hits in comedy, carefully curated to suit its target audience.

18. Raw Dog Comedy

Available: Online

If you’re not sensitive to controversial topics, and you don’t mind comedy shows to get a bit rowdy at times, Raw Dog Comedy could be the channel for you. Available through Sirius XM, this channel is host to a range of stand-up sections from up-and-coming comedy stars.

You’ll have a chance to hear from some of the most hilarious people in comedy, and you get to listen to original talk shows, interviews, and documentaries too. Although the programming can differ depending on when you listen, everything is completely dedicated to comedy.

The best-known show offered by Raw Dog Comedy is the Bennington Show, which includes three hours of talk entertainment with some of the top nationally-known comedians in the world.

The top comedy radio stations

From standup radio to funny radio sections featuring parody songs, there’s no shortage of comedy radio stations out there. Finding the right one for you will usually depend on what kind of humor you’re into.

There are various other stations we haven’t mentioned here too, including a wide range of radio platforms like Sirius XM and TuneIn.

As you may have noticed, the majority of comedy radio shows available in the US today are online, so you might have trouble finding an FM broadcast. On the plus side, access to radio streaming apps should still mean you can easily access the channels you love wherever you go.

Don’t forget to check out our other top radio channel lists if you’re looking for something a little different to your usual comedy programming. We’ve got lists for everything from hip hop, to pop music.

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