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10 best pocket radio devices to take with you anywhere

For live on the move, the best pocket radio is a fantastic investment. A pocket AM/FM radio keeps you entertained wherever life takes you.

Radio is something that most people take for granted these days. 

We have access to FM channels in our cars and homes. You might even have a clock radio waking you up for work each morning. 

As audio technology has evolved, we’ve also discovered ways to make radios smaller

If you’re often out enjoying the wide world, the best pocket radios can help you take your music wherever you go. 

These durable and lightweight devices ensure that you don’t have to rely on things like mobile data and Wi-Fi connections for entertainment. 

A pocket radio with Bluetooth can even make it easier to stream music and other content that you can share with your friends. 

The biggest decision you’ll need to make is what kind of mini pocket radio is right for you. 

To help you make the best choice, we performed a selection of pocket radio reviews, focusing on some of the top sellers in the market. 

Here are some of the best products we came across.

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1. Jazmm AM FM Walkman Radio (Best for Tuning)

Jazmm AM FM Walkman Radio is a sleek and sophisticated device offering easy access to all your favorite FM and AM channels

This small pocket radio is about the same size as a smartphone. It’ll fit into your pocket just as easily.

It boasts an excellent reception digital tuning AM/FM radio, with a built-in speaker and a portable headphone jack. This pocket radio is suitable for all ages, including the elderly.

Jazmm has ensured that you can listen to your favorite channels without any static or interference all thanks to its digital tuning feature.

As one of the best pocket radio devices on the market, this product is unique due to its built-in DSP chip and an extended antenna. These features improve its tuning experience and radio reception to receive more stations.

Consequently, you don’t have to worry about missing any radio station in your location.

Jazmm makes this radio as portable as possible. Its 900mAh rechargeable battery means you can take it with you on road trips without worrying about buying disposable AA batteries.

The best part is that the rechargeable battery will allow you to listen to the radio as you like all day long.

During our review, we enjoyed that the radio has a large LCD display that makes it easier to adjust radio stations. As a result, we’d even recommend this product for elderly users.

Features include:

  • Upgraded digital AM FM radio
  • Stereo sound quality
  • Excellent radio reception
  • Lock screen
  • A sleep timer
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB cable

Unlike other pocket radios available today, the Jazmm is a pretty simple product. 

If you’re looking for something lightweight that’s easy to use and tune – this could be the ideal item for you. 

Just be aware that the speaker isn’t very loud, so you might not be able to listen with friends.


  • Power-saving due to the presence of a screen lock
  • Clear reception of AM and FM channels.
  • Easy tuning, making it suitable for the elderly
  • Lightweight and one of the best small portable radios
  • Large LCD screen for clear visualization


  • Speaker may not be loud enough for group listening.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
AM FM Walkman Radio:900mAh Rechargeable Portable Transistor Pocket Radio with Best Reception Digital Tuning, LCD Screen,Stereo Earphone Jack, Sleep Timer and Alarm Clock for Jogging,Walking Grey
  • 【Newly upgraded digital AM FM radio】Newly upgraded digital AM FM radio, more advanced speakers, more convenient to use. Take you back to the days of listening to FM radio and enjoy the old leisure time. This is a classic AM FM radio, it is sturdy and durable, feels good in your hand, and can pick up good memories. As soon as you get this transistor radio, you won't want to leave it.
  • 【Best Reception and Stereo Sound Effect】Are you always worried about reception? The transistor walkman radio has a built-in DSP chip and an extended antenna to receive more stations, so you won't miss any stations in your area. In addition, you can listen to the sound of the city.
  • 【900mAh Rechargeable Battery & Large Digital Tuning】This is a rechargeable portable radio. So that you don't have to change the battery too often.900mAH battery allows you to listen to the radio as you like all day long. Also, you can listen to radio stations while charging, so you can keep listening to your favorite stations all day long. Our large screen and digital FM make it easier for you to adjust to the station you want, making it easy to take out for walks, jogging, and camping.
  • 【Lock Screen and Sleep Timer to Save Power】One button locking, can prevent accidental touch screen and put it in your pocket at will. There is also a sleep timer, with 15-90 minutes of sleep time that can be set, and you can turn it off at regular intervals before going to bed, without wasting Walkman power. There is also an alarm clock function and 20 preset radio stations, you can save your favorite stations or automatically search for stations to save, no need to choose a station every time.
  • 【Best Gift and Advanced After-sales】Small portable radio, also has 3.5mm headphone jack, you can always bring your headphones to listen, compact and easy to store, suitable for giving to your friends and relatives around you. We offer a 12-month warranty on our AM/FM radios and provide you with 24/7 world-class customer service.
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2. Vondior pocket radio (best battery life) 

Promising an excellent reception and incredible audio performance, the Vondior mini pocket radio is a treat for radio lovers. 

Designed to give you a break from relying on your phone and other digital technology, the Vondior stood out during our pocket radio reviews. 

It offers easy access to AM/FM radio stations, and you don’t have to worry about being out of entertainment if you lose power. 

The Vondior provides a smooth and clean quality of sound – great for picking up your favorite radio channels. 

The large built-in speaker means that you can quickly fill a room with music. 

This leading pocket radio also offers an excellent alternative for eating up your smartphone batteries. According to Vondior, a set of AA batteries lasts for weeks, making it possible to use this radio even during a power outage!  

For a price of around $16, the Vondior provides features like:

  • Convenient tuning experience
  • AM/FM radio access
  • Consistent performance with AA battery power
  • Power lasts for weeks at a time
  • Excellent sound performance
  • Compact and durable 
  • Extendable aerial for a better reception
  • Headphone socket included

There are a lot of points to love about this Vondior radio, from its headphone socket so you can listen to music privately to its sleek and lightweight design. 

There are, however, a few problems too. The tuning is a little sensitive at times, and you need the FM antenna to be constantly extended to have the best range. 


  • Headphone socket or speaker
  • Excellent battery power and longevity
  • Convenient tuning for AM/FM radio bands
  • Compact radio that’s easy to transport
  • Nice design


  • Struggles with reception at times
  • Antenna has to be constantly extended
Vondior AM/FM Battery Operated Portable Pocket Radio - Best Reception and Longest Lasting. AM FM Compact Transistor Radios Player Operated by 2 AA Battery, Mono Headphone Socket, by Vondior (Silver)
  • TAKE A BREATHER FROM TECHNOLOGY –In this digital era, you're surrounded by your smartphone, iPad or laptop, leaving you with no breathing space and no peace of mind. But sometimes all you need is to lay back with a simple transistor radio, like in the old days. With this AM/FM Portable Pocket Radio, you can unwind by tuning into your favorite music station, with zero distractions, and no annoying touch screens with endless options. Authentic pleasure in real time.
  • POWER OUTAGE, TRANSISTOR OUTRAGE - When power interruptions occur for long periods of time, batteries of all gadgets eventually die. It's a very stressful feeling of isolation. But with this AM/FM transistor radio, which runs on AA batteries found in every household, you can stay connected and get broadcast news in real time. Keep one in your emergency kit, it'll come in handy.
  • FEELS GOOD, SOUNDS BETTER - In an age of ever evolving digital electronics, it's nice to know some things never change. Radio broadcasts rock even today. This AM/FM pocket radio will take you back to your younger years without compromising sound quality. With a built-in large speaker, it can easily fill a room with your treasured songs, or favorite baseball game.
  • LONG LASTING ENJOYMENT–Using your devices throughout the day eats up batteries in a few hours’ time. With our AM/FM radio, your AA batteries will last for weeks. So go ahead and take it on a long trip, or give it to your son or daughter for camp. You will get great feedback upon their return.
  • TIMELESS GIFT IDEA – Want to score some compliments when choosing a present for your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles? This AM/FM radio is the ultimate gadget to purchase. Simple to use, yet elegant and classy, it's sure to fill their heart with joy
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3. VR-Robot Personal AM FM Pocket Radio (Best Price)

You don’t have to break your bank account to enjoy a good pocket radio.

The VR-Robot Personal AM FM Pocket Radio is an affordable and high-quality device that offers excellent value for money.

Its affordability doesn’t mean it compromises on quality. The radio comes with everything you’ll need to listen to your favorite radio stations on the go comfortably.

VR-Robot makes your best partner for walking,  jogging, gym, and camping trips thanks to its mini compact design and a 3.5mm earphone jack.

Weighing only 45 grams (1.59 ounces), this pocket radio is one of the lightest, most portable devices on our list. Therefore, it is perfect for people of all ages, including the elderly and children.

What sets this radio apart is its long frequency range for AM and FM. Its AM frequencies range from 520 to 1710KHz, while FM frequencies range from 64 to 108MHz. These wide frequency ranges mean you can enjoy all your favorite channels no matter where you are.

To make it even better, we realized you can save up to 58 of your favorite radio stations for easy navigation without conducting a fresh search.

Features include:

  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Wide frequency range for both AM and FM
  • Earphone jack for private listening
  • Easy tuning with knobs and buttons

Don’t worry about missing out on radio stations when going off-grid. The VR-Robot pocket radio comes with a long-lasting battery that ensures uninterrupted listening.

Additionally, the radio conducts automatic searches for available stations for you to choose your favorite. This automatic search feature makes the VR-Robot a user-friendly pocket radio.


  • Affordable pricing
  • FM portable radio
  • Highly portable and ideal for outdoor use
  • Access to a wide range of AM and FM radio stations
  • Automatic tuning saves time
  • Private listening through earphones
  • Power-saving through a lock screen feature


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
Personal AM/FM Pocket Radio Portable VR-robot, Mini Digital Tuning Walkman Radio, with Rechargeable Battery, Earphone, Lock Screen for Walk/Jogging/Gym/Camping
  • ★[HIGH QUALITY RECEPTION AM/FM RADIO] 64-108MHz FM; 520/522-1710KHz AM; 9/10KHz AM steps adjustable. The stereo radio can remember up to 58 of your favorite stations. Long press "Tuner +/-" and then it will automatically search effective station and stop. Simple operation allows you to enjoy music, morning talk shows, sports games.
  • ★[MP3 DESIGN FOR EXERCISE] Small Size AM/FM radio with earbuds, this portable radio work with any 3.5mm earphone. This pocket radio does not have the speaker; you must wear the headset to listen. Suitable for jogging, walking and other exercises.
  • ★[LOCK SCREEN SAVES POWER] Lock switch design prevent accidental operation suggests the ideal behind this radio is primarily for put it in pocket; Built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery and long working time.
  • ★[COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT] This little simple radio is around the size of a credit card, and can slip easily into any pocket, handbag or glove compartment. Use it for jogging, walking around neighborhood, taking the dog for walk, workout at the gym, or running. It’s also an ideal gift idea for birthdays of elderly or kids, Christmas, or ‘just because’.
  • ★[WHAT YOU GET FROM US] Not only muliti-function AM/FM Radio with 3.5mm earphones, lanyard, and a usb cable you get but also 12 month no-pressure product exchange and money back guarantee. If there are any problem or misunderstanding, please feel free to contact at anytime,we will be always here to assist you.
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4. Panasonic RF-P50d (Best Shortwave)

The Panasonic RF-P50d is a must-have for everyone who values quality sound.

This pocket radio has been in the market for years, making it one of the best-selling radios with an excellent reputation.

Designed by a company with a powerful reputation in durability and performance, the Panasonic pocket radio is brimming with high-quality components.

The built-in speaker delivers high-quality sound for groups, while a headphone jack allows for private listening.

During our review of this radio, we were amazed by its LED tuning indicator that helps you track all your favorite stations.

As one of the best shortwave radios, the Panasonic RF-P50d comes with a long telescopic antenna to enhance its radio signal reception for AM and FM.

Powered by 2 AA batteries, the RF-P50d is designed to make your travels a breeze. You can always have extra batteries for convenient listening on the go.

The compact design also features a carry strap for improved convenience. 

It’s small, lightweight, and compact – making it perfect for travels, outdoor activities, or just relaxing at home.

Features include:

  • AM/FM tuner
  • Carrying strap
  • LED tuning indicator
  • Large speaker
  • Telescoping antenna
  • Compact design with carrying strap

The radio’s large speaker is one of the best features that set it apart from other pocket radios. It provides a good sound quality, making it perfect for group listening without connecting to external speakers.


  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Excellent sound quality from its large built-in stereo speaker
  • Good AM and FM radio signal reception
  • Easy station tracking
  • Lightweight and portable design ideal for travel or outdoor use


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Not a water-resistant radio
Panasonic RF-P50d Pocket AM/FM Radio Silver RF-P50D
  • FM/AM pocket radio LED Tuning indicator
  • Two AA battery operation
  • Large speaker
Best Pocket Radio 6

5. Avantree pocket radio with Bluetooth (best with Bluetooth)

As technology continues to evolve, it’s much easier to find affordable pocket radios with extra features today. 

The Avantree Pocket Radio with Bluetooth gives you the freedom to choose between radio broadcasts and Bluetooth streaming. 

You can automatically and manually search for and save channels on the move.

This 3-in-1 radio speaker is a complete source of on-the-move entertainment. You can link your phone or computer using Bluetooth, listen to the radio, or even plug in a Micro SD card. 

On top of that, the Avantree features an LCD screen where you can check the time and skip channels.

One excellent feature of the Avantree, aside from its ultra-portable design, is the fact that it comes with six equalizer modes to choose from. That means that you can adapt your music to suit you. 

There’s also a 24-month warranty included. 

For a price of around $30, features include:

  • 3-in-1 radio speaker
  • Micro SD card access
  • Manual or auto channel search and save
  • Six EQ modes for sound
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Carry strap included
  • Digital controls
  • Convenient tuning features
  • LCD screen
  • Bluetooth streaming

Although this Avantree product is a little more expensive than some pocket radios, it also comes with a wide selection of fantastic features. 

Bluetooth streaming gives you more freedom to listen to your favorite music anywhere. 

There’s no support for AM radio, and this device doesn’t support headphones with a controller in the wire. 


  • Bluetooth streaming available
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Multiple EQ modes to choose from
  • Automatic channel search and save
  • LCD screen


  • No AM radio
  • Only supports certain kinds of headphones
Avantree SP850 Rechargeable Portable FM Radio with Bluetooth Speaker and SD Card MP3 Player 3-in-1, Auto Scan Save, LED Display, Small Handheld Pocket Battery Operated Wireless Radio (No AM)
10,875 Reviews
Avantree SP850 Rechargeable Portable FM Radio with Bluetooth Speaker and SD Card MP3 Player 3-in-1, Auto Scan Save, LED Display, Small Handheld Pocket Battery Operated Wireless Radio (No AM)
  • 3-IN-1 RADIO SPEAKER: You can stream music wireless from your PC / phone / tablet via Wireless. Kids and elder people can listen to their favorite stories and songs via Micro SD card mode. You can enjoy favorite music/radios via FM radio mode.
  • AUTO & MANUALLY SEARCH & SAVE CHANNELS: With one click, the device will auto search and save all available stations. Also you can manually select and save your favorite stations by pressing the number buttons. Connect the USB cable as an antenna to enhance signal for some enclosed environment.
  • AMAZING SOUND WITH SIX EQUALIZER MODES: Experience your tunes tailored to you, with the natural, rock, pop, classic, jazz and soft music tones under Wireless and Micro SD card mode.
  • ULTRA- PORTABLE DESIGN: Thanks to the lightweight and small design for pocket speaker (size 130*32*66mm) with additional hand strap enables it very convenient to take along to anywhere. Like driving between your home and office and walking around in the park, etc.
  • Video Tutorials, FAQ, E-Manual, Accessories available from Avantree. 24-Month warranty w/ product registration. Extensive Support: Chat, Email, Phone, Online Clinic.
Best Pocket Radio 7

6. SWDSTP Personal Radio (Best Mini)

The SWDSTP Personal Radio is the smallest pocket radio on our list, and it’s perfect for people who love compact devices for exercise or outdoor use.

Don’t judge this small device by its size; it comes loaded with all the necessary features you would need, making it one of the best pocket radios.

We realized that this radio uses DSP circuitry that greatly improves its signal clarity, sensitivity, and audio output quality. Therefore, it’s suitable for listening to your favorite tunes on the go.

What if you’re an FM lover who enjoys radio talk shows? You’re also sorted—the radio’s FM frequencies range from 64 to 108 MHz. Thus, you have a wide range of radio stations to choose from.

What’s more, the SWDSTP can store up to 20 FM radio stations for convenience. Don’t forget that it has a 3.5mm earphone jack to provide private listening without disturbing others.

Since it uses 2 AAA batteries, you don’t have to be glued to a charging point. Get extra batteries, and you’ll be good to go for hours, even during power outages!

For slightly under $14, features include:

  • Small and compact design
  • Clear LCD display
  • DSP circuitry
  • Auxiliary input port
  • Weighs 2 ounces
  • Wide FM radio frequency range
  • Can store up to 20 radio stations
  • Earphone jack for private listening

The best part is that this company guarantees sincere after-sales services. It offers a 12-month unconditional product return and refund in case of manufacturing defects.


  • Extremely small and compact
  • Excellent sound quality and signal reception
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Wide frequency range for FM stations
  • 1-year warranty
  • Battery powered
  • Suitable for the elderly


  • No AM tuner, limiting the radio’s capabilities
  • Not a water-resistant radio
  • No built-in speaker (requires a headset)
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
SWDSTP Personal FM Walkman Radio, Mini Digital Tuning Portable Radio with Headphones Belt Clip LCD Display, Pocket Radio for Walking Jogging, Upgrade Volume Control
  • ★[EXCELLENT RECEPTION] SWDSTP portable radio uses DSP circuity, which greatly improves sensitivity, signal clarity and sound quality. Frequency Range: 64-108 MHz. It can store 20 FM radio stations. Simple operation allows you to enjoy music, news, talk show.
  • ★[DESIGN FOR EXERCISE] Small Size FM radio with earbuds, this portable radio work with any 3.5mm earphone. This pocket radio does not have the speaker; you must wear the headset to listen. Suitable for jogging, walking and other exercises.
  • ★[AAA BATTERIES POWERED] Powered by 2 x AAA battery (not included). Highly recommend to keep one for emergency radio, ensure that you always stay connected in inclement weather. Saved stations will not be lost due to shutdown or battery replacement.
  • ★[COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT] This little simple radio fits easily into a pocket, a purse, or a backpack. Truly a must-have companion to keep you entertained and informed wherever you may be. Suitable for travel and outdoor activities. It’s also an ideal gift for birthdays of elderly or kids, Christmas.
  • ★[SINCERE After-Sales SERVICE] Simple operation, very suitable for elderly and parents. And you will get 12 month unconditional product return and refund guarantee. If there are any problem, please feel free to contact us, we will be always here to assist you.
Best Pocket Radio 8

7. Sangean DT-800BK (Best Weather Radio)

The weather can change abruptly and interfere with your outdoor activities or travel plans. As a result, you need to be prepared with a reliable weather radio like the Sangean DT-800BK.

This pocket radio is designed to deliver accurate and up-to-date weather alerts, thanks to its integration of NOAA weather channels. It helps you keep track of any potential hazards and plan accordingly.

As an emergency weather radio, the DT-800BK also features a built-in battery charger and a clear LCD display to visualize information. 

Its AC adapter and rechargeable battery make it a great option for prolonged use, as you can easily switch between power sources.

The fact that this radio comes with earbuds makes it unique. These earbuds are cushioned to provide a comfortable listening experience for extended periods.

For slightly under $60, the Sangean DT-800BK incorporates:

  • AM/FM and tuners
  • NOAA weather radio
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Clear LCD display
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Ac adapter
  • Belt clip
  • FM wire antenna

The FM wire antenna is a key feature that ensures you can receive excellent radio signals, even in areas with poor reception. This means you’ll always be up-to-date with what’s happening around you. Also, the belt clip makes it easier to carry the radio around, even when escaping from an emergency.


  • Accurate weather alerts from NOAA channels
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable cushioned earbuds
  • Easy visualization through the clear LCD screen
  • A wide range of FM and AM radio stations
  • Fast charging time


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Not water-resistant
Sangean DT-800BK AM/FM/NOAA Weather Alert Pocket Radio (Black)
  • Included Components: Ac Adapter;Belt Clip;Fm Wire Antenna;Earbuds
Best Pocket Radio 9

8. Sangean DT-200X (best with pre-sets)

Sangean is a popular name in the radio landscape and a company we’ve had a chance to review before. In this case, we’re looking at one of the best pocket AM FM radio options from Sangean. 

The DT-200X is a pocket radio with a convenient tuning system – perfect for life on the move. 

If you have a set of channels that you like listening to most, you’ll appreciate the Sangean. 

This product comes with a large backlit LCD screen where you can find the broadcasts that matter most to you. 

There’s also a selection of 19 pre-sets to explore, with auto-scanning and seek built-in. 

For ease of use, you get a 90-minute auto shut-off feature too. 

The Sangean is lightweight and portable, just like most of the other pocket radios that we’ve covered already. This device also features a removable belt clip – so you can use it in the gym. 

For a price of around $55, features include:

  • AM/FM radio with built-in tuner
  • Excellent range of 19 pre-set station options
  • 90-minute automatic shut-off to save power
  • Lock switch included
  • DBB dynamic bass boost
  • Real-time clock
  • Removable belt clip 
  • Convenient screen and interface

The Sangean features both a headphone input and a loudspeaker for multiple ways to enjoy your music. The dynamic bass boost takes the sound quality to the next level. 

You get a clock built-in so you can keep track of the time. 

There are a couple of downsides to this product, though. The belt clip is very flimsy and often breaks. 

Another problem is that the on-off button isn’t very responsive. 


  • Excellent find and save feature
  • Built-in real-time clock
  • Range of 19 pre-set stations
  • Dynamic bass boost
  • Lock switch included


  • Not the most responsive buttons
  • Very flimsy belt clip
Sangean DT-200X FM-Stereo/AM Digital Tuning Pocket Radio Black
  • Am/ FM-Stereo pocket radio with drift-free PLL Synthesized tuner and built-in speaker
  • 19 radom AM/FM memory presets with Auto station Scanning and auto seek
  • Large backlit LCD display, selectable stereo/mono switch, stereo headphone output, low battery indicator, 90 minute auto shut off, DBB dynamic bass boost, lock switch, My favorite stations and real time clock
  • Removable belt clip, stereo earbuds, trailing antenna included, Operates on 2 AA Batteries (not included)
  • High-impact ABS case measures just 4. 2”H x 2. 5”W x . 75”D inches
Best Pocket Radio 10

9. Eton mini pocket radio (best with shortwave)

Usually, people on the hunt for the best pocket radios want a simple device that they can use to listen to AM/FM stations. 

There are a handful of people who want a pocket radio with a Bluetooth connection, too – but that’s less common. 

Eton, one of the market leaders in radio technology, appeals to a whole different niche with its mini radio. 

This device comes with AM/FM and shortwave radio so that you can explore a wider range of channels on the move. The shortwave connection means that you can listen to channels from around the world. 

At the same time, the Eton Mini Pocket Radio also comes with a handy digital display where you can track your channels and frequencies carefully. 

This durable and sophisticated radio is one of the more advanced options on the market today, simply thanks to its shortwave connection. It also features a fantastic sound quality. 

For a price of around $80, features include:

  • Versatile display with clock
  • AM/FM and shortwave radio
  • Easy-to-use buttons
  • Extendable antenna
  • High-quality headphone sound performance
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Lock button
  • Alarm settings

Aside from browsing channels from all over the globe, you can also use your Eton radio to keep track of your day. 

There are clock and alarm buttons so you can set your schedule instantly. One slight issue is that you might have a bit of trouble with the shortwave functionality if you’re a beginner.


  • AM, FM, and shortwave radio
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Lock button to avoid mistakes
  • Alarm and clock function
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Complicated shortwave set-up
  • Not the best loud-speaker sound
Eton Mini Compact AM/FM/Shortwave Radio, Black
  • Mini AM/FM/Shortwave Radio Receiver: Tune in to your favorite local stations or listen to news and music from across the globe; Features digital tuning, an internal AM antenna and a telescoping FM/SW antenna
  • Versatile Features: The Elite Mini radio digitally displays the time in bright orange and lets you wake up to the alarm clock or drift off to sleep while listening to music with the included sleep timer
  • Stay Safe and Have Fun: For over 30 years we've been dedicated to creating award-winning, innovative products for emergency preparedness and entertainment; We're a proud partner of the American Red Cross
  • Keep Connected: From weather alert radios and backup battery packs to solar-powered sound systems, we'll keep you connected and in the know at home, in the office, on the road or in the great outdoors
  • Eton's Commitment to Preparedness: We're committed to helping you be prepared for everyday fun and unexpected emergency, whether you’re out on a 10-day backpacking trip or barbecuing in the backyard


Best Pocket Radio 11

10. Kamapulo Portable Pocket Radio (Best High Sensitivity)

All of the pocket radios we’ve covered today are small enough to fit in your coat or jeans pocket. None of them, however, come close to Kamapulo in terms of sensitivity.

A radio with a high sensitivity reception allows you to pick up distant radio stations that normal radios usually can’t. 

The Kamapulo Portable Pocket Radio is a perfect example of such a high-sensitivity device. It easily picks up AM and FM signals, making it the perfect choice for people living in remote areas.

Still on reception, Kamapulo has a wide AM and FM frequency range for digital radio lovers. With an AM frequency range between 522 and 1710KHz and an FM frequency range between 76-108MHz, you get a wider list of radio stations to listen to.

You’ll be able to listen to sports games, music stations, NPR, weather, and other local stations at the convenience of your home.

What’s more, the radio is also a fantastic option for those who frequently travel or go camping. With its compact and lightweight design, you can easily take this radio anywhere with you.

During our review, we realized that this radio’s built-in rechargeable battery is unique. Besides being fast-charging, the 500mAh lithium battery provides up to 14 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Therefore, this is your go-to option if you want to say goodbye to AAA and AA batteries.

Additionally, Kamapulo has a clear LCD screen that displays crucial information you need for efficient radio operation. For instance, you can easily check the battery status to know how long you have to listen to the radio.

For slightly under $20, the Kamapulo Pocket Radio comes with:

  • Built-in AM antenna
  • 500mAh lithium battery
  • Stereo earphone
  • 3.5 mm earphones
  • Portable transistor radio
  • Big LCD digital screen
  • Soft backlight
  • Weighs 0.1 lbs
  • Mini size
  • Type-C charging cable

It’s also worth mentioning that this radio is equipped with a Lanyard, a handy feature that makes it easy to carry around while on the go. Whether you’re jogging, hiking, or commuting to work, this radio will be right by your side.


  • High-sensitivity reception for distant stations
  • Long battery life for extended listening
  • Highly portable due to its compact and lightweight design
  • Short charging time due to the fast-charging capability
  • Ideal for use at night due to its clear LCD with eye-protection backlight


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Not water-resistant
  • No internal speaker (relies on earphones)
AM FM Portable Radio,Personal Pocket Radio Rechargeable with Best Reception,Long Battery Life,Stereo Earphone,Small Digital Transistor Radios for Hiking,Walking,Jogging
  • 【Best Reception AM/FM Walkman Radio】This pocket portable digital radio have high sensitivity reception. Supports AM/FM 2 band stereo radio. It's great for receiving your local radios such as NPR/Music/Sports/Weather... FM Rang:76-108 MHZ, AM Rang: 522-1710 KHZ(9KHZ) 520-1710KHZ(10KHZ). Note: This pocket radio has no external speaker, only plays with earphones.
  • 【Rechargeable Battery】Built-in 500mAh quickly rechargeable lithium battery(USB-C charging jack, cable included). The battery life can last up to 14 hours, say goodbye to expensive AA or AAA batteries forever. The battery status is indicated on the LCD screen.
  • 【Multifunctional & Easy Operation】This stereo compact radio has functions of fully automatic search and store radio stations/key lock to avoid misoperation/sleep timer (10-90 mins are available) . Back-lit LCD display is convenient for night use and protects eyes. Controls are easy and intuitive, friendly for old timers or kids. It is an ideal fathers day gifts.
  • 【Compact & Portable】 This little simple radio has compact size(1.85*3.5*0.45inch) &super light weight(0.1 Lbs) and equipped with Lanyard, can easily to handle or put into any pocket, handbag. It's very suitable for jogging, walking, cycling, walk the dog, workout at the gym...
  • 【What you will get】Except for the pocket radio with 3.5mm earphones, lanyard and the Type-C Charging cable, you will also get 12 months warrantty,no-pressure exchange and 24/7 customer service, making you to purchase this mini walkman radio without any risks. Our AM FM portable radio will the best choice for you!

How to choose the best pocket radio

Pocket radios are available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes these days. 

You can get a mini pocket radio that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or a radio that also doubles up as an MP3 player. 

Just like any audio purchase, finding the best pocket radio means thinking about what you need on a deeper level. 

Are you looking for a basic pocket FM radio that even your Grandpa would feel comfortable using? Or are you looking for something a little more advanced, like a pocket radio with Bluetooth streaming? 

Here are a few points to consider:

Battery life

Most pocket radios these days are powered by batteries, but some soak up power more than others. 

The Vondior Pocket Radio can offer days of listening power on just one charge, but the Panasonic RF-P50d struggles with a single day. It may also be worth looking into whether you can recharge your radio batteries. 

Size and weight

Pocket radios are lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go, but some of these devices are smaller than others. 

For a true mini pocket radio experience, you can’t go wrong with the SWDSTP model. All of the products we’ve covered above should be small enough for easy transportation. 


Aside from FM radio, what other frequencies do you want your radio to connect with? Are you looking for something that supports shortwave radio, like the Eton model we discussed above?

Do you need a pocket radio that provides AM connectivity, or are you looking for something with a Bluetooth link?

Extra features

As the pocket radio marketplace becomes more competitive, you can find products with a wide variety of features.

The SWDSTP Personal Radio comes with a DSP circuitry that greatly improves its signal clarity, sensitivity, and audio output quality. Alternatively, with the Jazmm Walkman Radio, you’re guaranteed excellent reception for AM and FM radio stations.

Ease of use

Even the most attractive and feature-rich pocket radio won’t be much good if you don’t know how to use it.

A product with a screen that allows you to skip through various channels is a good choice. You might also want something with buttons that help you to browse through pre-set stations. 

Finding the best pocket radio 

The best pocket radio for your needs will be the device that gives you an exceptional listening experience on the move. A great mini pocket radio should be a delight to use.

For some people, the right radio will be the Jazmm AM FM Walkman Radio, which provides easy access to a range of AM/FM channels. 

For others, it might be best to look into something a bit more advanced. 

If you want a pocket radio with Bluetooth, for instance, the Avantree is one of the best on the market, offering things like Bluetooth streaming, FM radio, and SD card access in one. 

We also love the  Panasonic RF-P50d because its LED tuning indicator helps you track all your favorite stations.

With a little luck, these pocket radio reviews will help you to make the right choice for your entertainment needs. 

Don’t forget to check out some of our other reviews, such as the Best Shower Radios and Walkie Talkie Radios, for more advice on the best radios. 

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