Canada’s Top 11 Christian Radio Stations for Super Sermons

Christian radio stations are more popular than you might think.

While these religious broadcasts won’t necessarily appeal to everyone, they have a massive following worldwide.

The Radio Advertising Bureau suggests around 20 million people tune into Christian talk and music stations each week.

Christian radio stations in Canada allow locals and visitors to enjoy unique music, inspirational messages, and educational sermons on the move.

But what are the best Christian radio stations available to Canadians today?

We’ve scoured the airwaves to bring you some top picks.

The Top 11 Canadian Christian Radio Stations

Christian radio is a relatively recent phenomenon in Canada.

The first dedicated station only started broadcasting around 1993. Though Christian organizations began using the radio much earlier, in the 1920s, the government received many complaints about their broadcasts.

In 1929, the Royal Commission even recommended removing religious radio stations from their airwaves entirely.

Following changes to radio rules and guidelines, Christian radio has once again begun to grow throughout the Canadian landscape.

Here are some of the top stations worth listening to.


Woman from the nose down wearing a light-colored blouse speaking on a microphone with her hands together on Christian radio stations
CHRI-FM is one of Canada’s longest-running Christian radio stations.

Launched in 1996, CHRI-FM was one of the earliest Christian radio stations to receive a license in Ottawa, Ontario.

The station is a registered nonprofit and commercial station which airs a contemporary Christian music format.

The shows usually consist of family-friendly programs, sermons, educational sessions, talk shows, and modern Christian music.

Brock Tozer, the best-known presenter on the channel, has been on the station since 1997.

Today, he serves as the station’s morning personality and the overall program director.

Frequency: FM: 99.1 MHz

Website: CHRI-FM

2. Joy Radio

Located in Oakville, Ontario, CJYE, or Joy Radio, is a Christian music and talk station with various great programs to explore.

The station was launched in 2001, adopting the same frequency previously held by sister station CHWO.

The religious programming on the channel, which includes bible teaching, uplifting music, and inspirational talk station, formerly aired on the CJMR station too.

After CJYE launched, the CJMR station switched to a full-time multilingual format.

Frequency: AM: 1250 kHz

Website: Joy Radio


Broadcasting in Ontario, CKJJ is a contemporary Christian music station launched in 2003. It’s owned by the United Christian Broadcasters group in Canada.

Although the station has experimented with branching out into new markets, some of its applications have been rejected, such as the request for a license in Foymount.

Today, CKJJ-FM has licenses throughout Bancroft, Brockville, Kingston, and Maynooth. Its programs usually consist of talk show sessions and inspirational programs alongside contemporary Christian music.

The station also hosts regular events for listeners.

Frequency: FM: 102.3 MHz

Website: CKJJ-FM


Two radio hosts opposite each other live on the air
CJLF-FM has been playing contemporary Christian tunes since 1999.

Another Christian radio station in Ontario, CJLF-FM, was founded in 1999 and owned by the Trust Communications Ministries company.

The station broadcasts a contemporary Christian music format, with regularly scheduled programs and syndicated shows, like the CT-20 countdown.

Otherwise known as Life 100.3, CJLF-FM advertises itself as the Ontario Christian superstation and nurtures a strong online community. Its website even shares information about upcoming concerts and Christian music events.

Frequency: FM: 100.3 MHz

Website: CJLF-FM


In Sudbury, Ontario, CJTK-FM is a Christian music and talk radio station owned by Eternacom. The station is branded as KFM.

The channel started as a small, low-power 35-watt radio station in 1997. It was the first Christian station in the region to be awarded a power increase.

Interestingly, as well as broadcasting Christian music and talk shows, the station also shares sports updates. It was the play-by-play voice for the Sudbury Wolves at the 2009-2010 Hockey League Season in Ontario.

Frequency: FM: 95.4 MHz

Website: KFM


Otherwise known as Faith FM, CJTW is owned by the Sound of Faith Broadcasting Company and airs Christian music and talk shows.

Various Christian artists feature on the channel’s playlists, and the station hosts game shows and programs led by pastors.

With child-friendly programming, CJTW brands itself as a safe spot for the whole family. The channel regularly hosts and advertises live events throughout the Canadian region.

Plus, the hosts share news updates relevant to local listeners. There’s even a Faith on Demand podcast.

Frequency: FM: 93.7 MHz

Website: Faith FM


Radio station microphone and mouse with purple light and coffee cup
CJFH-FM has an on-demand radio app for listening anywhere, anytime.

Commonly called Hope FM, CJFH-FM is a station in Woodstock, Ontario, airing a Christian music format.

The Sound of Faith Broadcasting Company also owns it. CJFH-FM was first launched in 2003 as a low-power FM station.

The station follows a similar format to CJTW-FM, with many of the same syndicated programs.

Like Faith FM, it also showcases upcoming events on its website and has its own on-demand radio player app.

Frequency: FM: 94.3 MHz

Website: CJFH-FM


Known to many as Praise FM, CJLT-FM is a Canadian radio station in Alberta, broadcasting a Christian format with a selection of sermons, shows, and music playlists.

Originally, the station began broadcasting in 2003 as LPFM.

It received approval to operate a high-powered station in 2007 and changed its call sign in the years following.

For a while, the station asked to rescind its specialty format status to play soft adult contemporary music.

However, after being purchased by Vista Radio, the station returned to its previous Christian-focused playlist.

Frequency: FM: 93.7 MHz

Website: Praise FM


CHJX-FM is a 24-hour radio station airing a contemporary Christian music format based in London, Ontario.

Alongside Christian music, shared throughout the morning and midday, it also broadcasts various teaching programs and talk sessions.

The station has undergone several changes to its branding over the years, moving from Grace FM to Inspire FM and Faith FM.

The channel is home to plenty of prerecorded and live content, including the popular morning show Faith Mornings with Shaun.

Frequency: FM: 99.9 MHz

Website: Faith 999

10. CJLI

Woman talk radio host talking into microphone while male radio host holding coffee is in the background
The Light broadcasts Christian educational sessions and sermons.

An attractive option for AM radio fans, CJLI, otherwise known as The Light, is a Christian radio station in Calgary, Alberta.

The station is owned by Touch Canada Broadcasting and is licensed to broadcast at 50,000 watts during the day and at 20,000 watts at night.

The station plays various programs, from sermons and educational sessions to musical playlists focused on Christian artists and musicians. The station also has its own on-demand show available online for all listeners.

Frequency: AM: 700 KHz

Website: CJLI


Situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CHVN-FM launched in 2000 after receiving approval to create a new specialty radio station in the region.

The group initially planned to broadcast on 107.1 FM but was denied by the Industry Canada group.

The station’s programming primarily focuses on contemporary Christian music, with carefully selected playlists broadcast throughout the day.

It hosts regular talk show sessions and shares news and weather updates with listeners.

Frequency: FM: 95.1 MHz

Website: CHVN

Celebrate Your Faith with Canadian Christian Radio Stations

Though Christian radio may be a relatively new addition to the Canadian airwaves, the number of specialty stations in the region has exploded in recent years.

Now dozens of AM, FM, and digital radio channels are available for religious listeners.

The options above represent just some of the incredible stations you can explore if you’re looking for motivation and inspiration to get you through your day.

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