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Score Big With These Top 11 USA Sports Radio Stations

Whether you want to keep up with the latest sports updates or are interested in sports-related discussions, sports radio is your way to go.

In today’s article, we’ll introduce the top 11 USA sports radio stations, so you can always keep up with the game.

1. WFAN – The FAN

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WFAN or The Fan in New York has been an AM sports station since 1987. It was the first to play 24/7 sports news.

Available: Online or at 660 kHz or 101.9 MHz (New York, New York)

Kicking off the list is one of the most successful and well-established sports channels.

WFAN, or The Fan, is a commercial radio station licensed to New York and serves the New York metropolitan area.

The Fan is an AM radio station with an FM frequency of 101.9 MHz since late 2012.

The station’s current format has been around since July 1, 1987, marking it as the first radio station to adopt a 24/7 sports talk format.

In fact, the massive success of WFAN influenced many radio stations to replicate the format, which led to an enormous growth of sports radio stations in the 1990s and 2000s.

The station is currently owned and operated by Audacity Inc. You can also listen to the station’s podcast online through the Audacity app. However, this feature is only available in the US.

Throughout the years, WFAN has introduced and included a variety of iconic sports radio hosts, including Mike Francesa, Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo, Joe Benigno, Big Wilson, and many more!

2. SportsRadio 93.7 WEEI FM

Available: Online or at 93.7 MHz (Lawrence, Massachusetts)

WEEI FM is a commercial radio station licensed to Lawrence, Massachusetts, and serves the Greater Boston area.

The sports station has been on air since 1960, but it adopted an oldies music format and local programming then.

The station switched its call sign and format multiple times until it settled on its current format in 2011.

The station airs daily features of Boston’s sports teams, including the Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics.

WEEI FM also broadcasts local and national programming, including daily shows like The Greg Hill Show, Gresh and Keefe, and Mut at Night.

The station has weekly shows that air on weekends, such as NFL Sunday, Real Postgame Show, Tanguay and Hart, Ken and Curtis, and more.

Besides the original station, plenty of radio stations simulcast the SportsRadio 93.7 signal, including stations in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

3. ESPN Radio WEPN

Available: Online or at X MHz (New York, New York)

ESPN is a major sports network best known for its TV channels.

However, ESPN Radio is also a great way to keep up with all your sports news and updates when you can’t access the TV.

The station holds the rights to a wide range of sports and major leagues, including the NBA, college football, and Major League Baseball.

It also held rights for the FIFA World Cup, FIFA Women’s World Cup, and MLS Soccer.

ESPN’s flagship station holds the call sign WEPN, an FM station with a frequency of 98.7 MHz.

The station is licensed to New York City and serves the New York metropolitan area, although its night signal can be heard throughout eastern North America.

WEPN is currently owned by Emmis Communications and operated by Good Karma Brands. It broadcasts a wide range of network programming, including SportsCenter AllNight, Keyshawn, and JWill & Max.

Additionally, you can listen to various local and national sports radio figures on the station, such as Michael Kay, Don La Greca, Chris Carlin, Rick DiPietro, and Dave Rothenberg.

4. WZGC – The Game

Three football players celebrating on the field
WZGC or 92.9 The Game in Atlanta broadcasts all the Atlanta sports games you can shake a stick at.

Available: Online or at 92.9 MHz (Atlanta, Georgia)

WZGC, also known as 92.9 The Game, is a commercial radio station licensed to Atlanta and serves the entire Metro Atlanta area.

The radio station is an affiliate of CBS Sports Radio and is considered a flagship station of multiple local sports teams, including the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Falcons, and Atlanta United FC.

Before WZGC became the popular sports station it is today, it started in 1955 as a full-time classical music station.

The station switched between various formats (mostly music genres) until it settled on the current sports format in 2012.

In 2017, CBS announced it would merge with Entercom (now Audacity Inc). You can tune in to the station online through the Audacity app. However, the stream is limited to the United States.

Besides The Game, WZGC has an HD2 Channel called The Bet, which also features a sports format but focuses more on betting.


Available: Online or at 95.7 MHz (San Francisco, California)

Fox Sports Radio is one of the largest radio networks out there, especially when it comes to sports news, highlights, analysis, and weekly shows that discuss opinions and transfer rumors.

The radio network has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, but it has over 400 AM and FM radio stations under various call signs across different states, such as the KGMZ 95.7 FM in San Francisco.

The network airs a wide range of nationally syndicated programming across different stations, but many of them also provide local programming to offer a more regional-centric approach and attract a local audience.

While Fox News Network is mainly operated by iHeart Radio, KGMZ is owned by Audacity Inc. The station switched to its current format in 2011, changing its affiliation from ESPN to Fox Sports Radio.

6. WXYT FM – The Ticket

Available: Online or at 97.1 MHz (Detroit, Michigan)

Next, we have WXYT FM, also known as The Ticket.

This station is licensed to Detroit and serves the entire metro Detroit area.

The radio station adopts a 24/7 sports format and is the flagship station for all Detroit professional sports teams and two college teams.

WXYT has been on air since 1941, but it started broadcasting as a news station. It then switched its format to a music radio station, alternating between various genres for over 30 years.

As of 2007, it switched to its current sports talk format and maintained it ever since. Like many other stations on the list, this one is owned by Audacity, so you can also tune it to the station through the app.

7. WGR 550

Available: Online or at 550 kHz (Buffalo, New York)

WGR 550 is a commercial AM radio station specializing in sports, including talk shows, analysis, news, and more.

The station is licensed to Buffalo but serves much of the Western New York area.

Despite being in the sports scene since the early 2000s, the station quickly became a fan favorite due to the quality of its engaging radio content.

The station is so popular in this region that it topped the Nielsen Ratings for all radio channels in the area in 2018.

The station is known for its iconic local hosts, including Jeremy White, who hosts the morning drive show, followed by Sal Capaccio and Joe DiBiase, who cohost The Extra Point Show.

Besides its huge regional reputation, the station is the flagship of many local professional sports teams.

8. WSCR – The Score

Sports Broadcasting
The Score or WSCR in Chicago will keep you current on all the Cubs news.

Available: Online or at 670 kHz (Chicago, Illinois)

WSCR, or The Score, is an AM commercial sports radio station serving the Chicago metropolitan area and northern Illinois.

The station is an affiliate of various networks, including CBS Sports Radio, BetQL Audio Network, NFL on Westwood One Sports, and the Fighting Illini Sports Network. Audacity Inc owns the station as of 2017 after merging with CBS Radio.

WSCR takes pride in being the official radio outlet for various sports teams, including the Chicago Bulls, Illinois Fighting Illini, Chicago Cubs, and DePaul Blue Demons.

The station also broadcasts a minute-long scoreboard update every 30 minutes, hence the brand name of the station.


Available: Online or at 1060 kHz (Tempe, Arizona)

KDUS is an AM sports talk radio station owned by Hubbard Broadcasting. The station is based in Tempe, Arizona, but it serves much of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

It was established in 1959, adopting a top 40 and other musical formats through its early years.

However, the station switched to its current format in 1996 during the sports radio boom in the late 90s.

KDUS is affiliated with SportsMap Radio and Fox Sports Radio, although it airs local programming for most of the weekday morning and afternoon hours.

However, late afternoon and overnight are provided mainly by SportsMap Radio.


Available: Online or at 92.5 MHz (Broomfield, Colorado)

KKSE, also known as Altitude Sports Radio, is a commercial FM radio station owned by Stan Kroenke, who owns the Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Rams, Colorado Avalanche, and Colorado Rapids.

The station is licensed to Broomfield, Colorado, and serves most of the Denver metropolitan area as well as Northern Colorado.

Although the KKSE call sign was only established in 2018, the station has been fairly affiliated with sports in previous formats.

Since the station owner also manages many Colorado-based stations, it’s no surprise that the station holds flagship status for these teams.


Available: Online or at 570 kHz MHz (Los Angeles, California)

KLAC is a commercial sports radio station serving the Southern California radio market named 570 LA Sports.

The station is co-owned by Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club and iHeartMedia and is an affiliate of Fox Sports Radio.

Besides the Los Angeles Dodgers, 570 LA Sports is also the flagship station for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Most of the station’s local programming revolves around the Dodgers’ coverage.

However, the station also airs multiple syndicated programs from reputable sports radio hosts such as Dan Patrick and Jay Mohr.

Final Thoughts

Those are the 11 best sports radio stations to tune in to in America. You can find excellent options.

However, the choice here depends mainly on your preferences and the station’s affiliations, especially for channels holding flagship status for certain teams you follow.

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