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Majority Oakington review

The Oakington may look vintage in style, but it’s packed to the rim with modern features, including Bluetooth streaming, a CD player, Digital FM and DAB+, and even a USB charging port.
Beautiful retro design with modern elements
Lots of connectivity options
DAB, DAB+ and FM radio
Charge your phone or play from a USB device
CD player built-in
Not the most responsive remote control
FM radio could be better


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Looking for a retro radio that is both DAB+ ready and affordable? We’ve got the model for you. 

In this Majority Oakington review, we’re looking at one of the more popular wireless radios from Majority. 

The Oakington promises a feature-packed listening experience combined with a stunning appearance to look great in any home. 

Read on for our full review of what the Oakington can do.

Majority Oakington: Design

The Majority Oakington DAB radio is an attractive product. Like many of the radio systems from Majority, it has a retro charm to it, which aims to suit all audiences and purposes. 

This is the kind of radio which can blend subtly into your bookshelf or sit on your coffee table without demanding too much attention. 

Available in two colours, the Oakington comes with a full aluminium front and a wooden finish on the cabinet, perfect for the industrial chic aesthetic. There’s a remote control included so you can manage your music from a distance. 

You’ll also find a handful of buttons for skipping between channels or songs on the front of the radio. 

The Majority Oakington has an antenna for finding FM and DAB channels, an in-built CD player, a headphone jack, an aux in port, and a USB playback and charging station.

Majority Oakington
With five connection options, there’s no shortage of what you can listen to!

Majority Oakington: Features

The Oakington looks like something you’d pick up from your grandfather’s house – but don’t let this deceive you. This is a fully modern radio system and audio tool. The Majority Oakington DAB radio with a CD player gives you various ways to listen to your favourite tunes. 

You can play CDs from the hidden CD slot or stream directly from your phone with Bluetooth.

For radio lovers, the Majority Oakington digital radio offers DAB, DAB+ and FM connections. You can also modify pre-sets to help you find channels faster. 

The USB charging port included alongside the aux and headphone cable ports can charge your phone. However, it also has the potential to play digital music straight from a thumb drive. 

Primary features of the Majority Oakington include:

  • DAB/DAB+ and FM radio stations
  • CD and CD-RW player
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Digital music scanning
  • Aux input cable
  • Headphone input
  • Remote control
  • Stereo system speakers
  • TV connection
  • 36-month warranty

Majority Oakington: Connectivity

As a modern DAB radio, the Oakington comes with plenty of connectivity options. FM radio is included as standard, with an extendable antenna so you can find more stations.

You’ll also get access to a fantastic set of DAB and DAB+ stations if you prefer going digital.

Connection points for your television mean you can link your device to your TV for surround stereo sound.

There’s also the Bluetooth streaming functionality to connect to your phone. However, it’s worth noting this Bluetooth codec isn’t the latest on the market. 

If you have a problem with wireless connectivity, you can play your digital music via the aux cable or plug in a USB drive instead. 

The biggest downside we noticed with connectivity in our Majority Oakington review was the FM frequencies could be a little spotty in places. You might need to consider getting another separate antenna for a boost.

Majority Oakington
For the more discerning ear, you can fine-tune your listening experience thanks to the EQ adjustment option.

Majority Oakington: Performance

Our Majority Oakington reviews revealed an easy-to-use and reliable radio system with plenty of bonus features to explore. The Oakington delivers beyond expectations when it comes to visual appeal and user-friendliness. 

The only way we might have enhanced the functionality is by adding voice control or smart assistant access. 

With the remote control, you can easily control your music from a distance, and it’s nice to have the charging function included for your phone, too. 

The sound quality is delightful, particularly considering the low price tag. There’s plenty of volume on offer here, and the 30-watt speaker system pumps up the power for low frequencies and bass. 

You also get the option to adjust the EQ of your music from your remote control or smartphone. If you don’t like the treble or the high frequencies, you can just switch them up. 

You may find this product doesn’t have quite as much power as the higher levels as some of the other more expensive items on the market. Fortunately, the wood construction does contribute to some excellent acoustics.

Majority Oakington: Verdict

Our Majority Oakington DAB radio review revealed a surprisingly impressive product for the under £150 price range. 

If you’re looking for a compact Hi-Fi system that doubles up as a digital radio, this is the product for you. It’s tough to find an all-in-one radio and CD player like this anywhere else for a similar price that guarantees value for money.

You also get the added benefit of the 36-month warranty. 

Though the Majority Oakington isn’t the most advanced radio system on the market, it’s definitely going to check all the right boxes for many homeowners.

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Majority Oakington
The Majority Oakington is affordable, reliable, and with a good sound quality, it’s hard to find much to complain about.
Build quality
Beautiful retro design with modern elements
Lots of connectivity options
DAB, DAB+ and FM radio
Charge your phone or play from a USB device
CD player built-in
Not the most responsive remote control
FM radio could be better
Today's best deal

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