How Much TalkSport Presenters Get Paid: Many Sources Checked

Have you ever wondered how much TalkSport presenters get paid?

TalkSport is one of the most popular radio stations in the United Kingdom and perhaps the most lucrative sports-focused station in the region.

According to RAJAR figures, the company earns around 2.9 million weekly listeners.

With that much popularity, it makes sense that some of the biggest names on TalkSport’s lineup would earn a pretty penny each year.

However, the actual earnings of most TalkSport presenters, like those of many radio hosts, remain somewhat shrouded in mystery.

To provide insight into how much hosts earn on TalkSport, we’ve scoured the web for behind-the-scenes glimpses into salaries and net worth.

Let’s dive in.

How Much Is TalkSport Worth? TalkSport Earnings and Net Worth

Radio station with variously sized stacks of dollars with wings floating away
TalkSport likely brings in millions of dollars, and some of its presenters are worth a pretty penny!

TalkSport broadcasts live events, interviews with leading names in sports, phone-ins, and discussions.

It’s also the official broadcasting partner for various sporting contests, such as the English Football League and Premier Football League.

If we look at some of the richest radio hosts in the UK over the years, we can see that the success of a station often influences each presenter’s income.

For instance, the BBC is home to some of the wealthiest radio presenters in the nation. In his role, Gary Lineker earns around £1.3 million per year, and Zoe Ball makes about £980k annually.

However, while TalkSport’s listening figures are on par with the listening statistics for some BBC channels, the net worth of the TalkSport channel is estimated to be a little higher.

For instance, BBC Radio 1 is worth around $2.85 million, while TalkSport has an average net worth of around $4.42 million.

Reports also show that TalkSport’s annual revenue is around $88.2 million annually. That doesn’t account for earnings TalkSport might get from other channels outside of radio, such as monetized YouTube ads.

The TalkSport YouTube channel earns around 18.4 million views a month. YouTube channels generally earn around up to $7 for every 1,000 views.

This could mean TalkSport earns over $1 million yearly from YouTube alone. However, it’s not certain how this annual income translates to employee salaries.

How Much Do TalkSport Presenters Earn? Data Insights

So, how much do TalkSport presenters earn?

Unfortunately, unlike other radio networks, like the BBC, TalkSport isn’t particularly transparent with its salary figures.

Even sacked TalkSport presenters over the years haven’t given a lot of insights into their previous earnings.

However, one report looking at Darren Gough, a previous TalkSport presenter, and his decision to leave the channel and pursue a career as a Yorkshire cricket director suggests he did earn a decent salary at the company.

By leaving TalkSport, Darren voluntarily lost around $150k in income each year.

Job listing sites in the UK aren’t particularly telling regarding TalkSport salaries either.

According to, the average salary posted for the position of sports journalist on TalkSport was only around £24k-26k a year.

However, this might indicate the average salary for an entry-level role. Celebrity presenters and those with years of experience in the radio industry are likely to charge a much higher annual rate.

The Earnings of Famous TalkSport Presenters

Since TalkSport’s website and job listings don’t provide many insights into how much presenters earn on the channel, we need to dive a little deeper.

While we might not be able to track the income of all 135 employees on TalkSport, we can look at the net worth and estimated salaries of some of the better-known hosts.

Here’s what we know about some of TalkSport’s wealthiest presenters.

Laura Woods (Net Worth: £1.64 million)

Microphone at radio station
Laura Woods has a huge net worth of more than £1 million.

Laura Woods has gained an impressive following in recent years thanks to her presenting roles with ITV, Amazon Prime Video, and TalkSport.

She started her career as a runner with Sky Sports in 2009 before eventually becoming a producer with the network.

In 2020, she was announced as the main presenter for TalkSport’s popular breakfast show. She’s also the person responsible for ITV’s FA Cup coverage.

According to one report, Woods has a net worth of around £1.64 million today. However, it’s uncertain how much she earns annually.

Alan Brazil (Net Worth: $1.5 million)

Alan Brazil is one of the better-known presenters on TalkSport.

He started his career as a football player for Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Ipswich Town, and even the Scottish national team. After a serious back injury, he moved into the media landscape, presenting on TV and radio.

Brazil hosts the Breakfast show on TalkSport two days per week, estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million.

However, knowing how much of this worth comes from his football career isn’t easy.

Andy Goldstein (Net worth: $5 million)

Man wearing a red shirt and a jacket talking into a microphone in a room with a bright window and plants
Andy Goldstein is a major moneymaker for TalkSport.

Among the most influential people in the media landscape, particularly concerning sports, Andy Goldstein has worked on several radio stations.

He previously presented Eurosport Snooker tournaments, and Premier League Snooker shows on Sky Sports.

Goldstein currently hosts the Drive show on TalkSport, from Monday to Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., along with the Sports Bar from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Monday evenings.

His estimated net worth is approximately $5 million, and his annual salary as a TV and radio presenter is suggested to be around $1.5 million.

Mike Graham (Net Worth: $870k)

Archibald Michael Graham is a well-known British journalist and sports commentator, best known for being a shock jock.

Before joining the airwaves, he was the editor of the Scottish Daily Mirror and the mid-morning presenter of Talk 107.

While Mike has had some rocky moments with his TalkSport career, he still earns a decent income with the station. His average salary is predicted to be around $83,569 per year.

His net worth is estimated at a little over $870k.

Adrian Durham (Net Worth: $1-$5 million)

Microphone over control panel in a dark radio studio
Adrian Durham has had a long career in radio that eventually led him to TalkSport.

English football journalist and broadcaster Adrian Durham started broadcasting in Leeds in the 1990s.

Initially, he worked on the TEAMTalk telephone services alongside other well-known reporters. Adrian joined TalkSport in 1999 and began hosting the station’s Drive program.

Today, Durham’s salary remains somewhat shrouded in mystery. Still, some analysts predict his net worth is somewhere between $1 and $5 million, putting him in line with some of the highest-earning broadcasters on the channel.

Mike Parry (Net Worth: $20 million)

Michael Parry is an English journalist and radio presenter with an incredible history.

He’s written three books and helped co-write the autobiography of his fellow TalkSport presenter, Alan Brazil. Parry joined Talk Radio in 1999 before the TalkSport channel branched off.

Parry left TalkSport officially after 20 years in 2019 but continued to present weekend shows on the channel between 2020 and 2021.

His estimated net worth is expected to be somewhere around $20 million.

Max Rushden (Net Worth: $5 million)

Man and woman at a radio station looking at one another while leaning into a suspended microphone on TalkSport
Max Rushden might earn more than $80k per year through TalkSport.

Like most TalkSport presenters, Max Rushden hasn’t shared many details about his income. However, one report suggested his annual income may be around $83,450.

Notably, Rushden has a weekly show on TalkSport. He also works for BBC Radio 5 Live and hosts The Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast.

This indicates that his income, and net worth, estimated to be around $5 million, could be influenced by various career moves.

Paul Ross (Net Worth: $1-$5 million)

Older brother of famous British comedian Jonathan Ross, Paul Ross is a radio presenter, media personality, journalist, and television host.

Initially, Ross broadcast the Paul Ross Full Set Breakfast show on Talk Radio. However, he left the station to join TalkSport in 2019.

His show continued to be simulcast on TalkRadio until the launch of new schedules in 2022.

Paul Ross is expected to have a net worth of between $1 and $5 million.

Jason Cundy (Net Worth: $4 million)

Best known for his history as a former professional football player, Jason Cundy is another high-earner from the TalkSport family.

A significant amount of his net worth today may be attributed to his position as a defender, playing in the Premier League for Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea.

Since retiring from the football industry, Jason has focused entirely on his broadcasting career. He currently presents the Sports Bar segment on TalkSport.

He also appears regularly on Chelsea TV and London Live. His net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

How Much Are TalkSport Presenters Paid?

While we might not be able to provide complete insights into how much the average TalkSport presenters earn, hopefully, this article has shed some light on the topic.

Unfortunately, TalkSport, like many other radio channels, doesn’t publish much information about its salaries and pay scale figures online.

However, by looking at the value of the station and the net worth of some of its presenters, we can make some estimations.

At the very least, TalkSport hosts can earn a decent income.

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