The 13 Best Radio Stations for Music in Scotland for 2023

When choosing the best radio stations for music in Scotland, locals and visitors have plenty of options to explore. Although, like many parts of the world, Scotland has experienced a small decline in radio fans, plenty of people are still tuning into the airwaves.

In 2023, a report found around 49.7 million adults (89 percent of the Scottish population) listen to the radio at least once per week.

The average person in Scotland also consumes around 20.3 hours of radio weekly, making the country an excellent place for broadcasters.

The challenge for most fans is figuring out which station to choose. With dozens of options to select from, streaming both on FM frequencies and online, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Fortunately, we’re here to help with our picks for the best radio stations in Scotland, ideal for listening to all kinds of music genres.

The 13 Best Radio Stations for Music in Scotland

Compared to other countries such as the US, Australia, and Canada, Scotland has fewer radio stations to choose from.

According to Ofcom, however, about 20 national services, 37 DAB stations, and a wide range of other community and public channels are available.

Since opinions on what constitutes the “best” music station can vary, we’re looking at the most popular stations today with the highest listener count.

We’ve explored a range of radio channels, ensuring you can find something to listen to, regardless of whether you’re a hip-hop fan or rock n’ roll enthusiast.

1. BBC Radio Scotland

Smiling radio host wearing headphones with his hand on his face leaning back in his chair at a radio station
BBC Radio Scotland is the country’s leading national radio station.

As Scotland’s official national radio station, BBC Radio Scotland is easily one of the most popular channels for music lovers today.

Broadcasting on everything from FM, AM, and DAB frequencies to various smart TV channels, BBC Scotland is easy to find wherever you are in the country.

Its programs include music, news reports, and talk-style shows.

First introduced in 1978, BBC Radio Scotland is a division of the BBC, with some fantastic talent on board. Kirsty Wark even launched her career on the channel.

Notable presenters for music lovers also include Vic Galloway, Gary Innes, Cathy MacDonald, and Ricky Ross.

Website: BBC Radio Scotland

2. Clyde 1

An independent radio station based in Glasgow, Clyde 1 is owned by the Bauer company as part of the Hits Radio Network.

As of 2022, the channel had a weekly audience of over 660,000 listeners.

Born out of the compulsory transmission splitting act enforced by UK regulators during the ’90s, Clyde 1 emerged as a popular top 40 radio station.

The channel is best known for sharing top and trending music, generally from the pop genre.

It also previously hosted an event called Clyde 1 Live, which included broadcasts from artists like Calvin Harris, Olly Murs, and Jessie J.

Alongside music, Clyde 1 also broadcasts regular news and sports programs, focusing on local announcements.

Website: Clyde 1

3. Capital Scotland

Formerly known as Beat 106, XFM Scotland, and Galaxy Scotland, Capital Scotland is a regional radio station owned by Communicorp UK.

It was first launched in 1999 and broadcasts to the central belt area of Scotland, surrounding Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Capital Scotland primarily presents contemporary hit radio (CHR) format playlists.

The station had briefly replaced its morning and weekend shows with networked programming when the group was sold to Communicorp.

However, in 2023, the station announced it would bring daily programming back to its playlist as part of an expansion project.

Website: Capital Scotland

4. Heart Scotland

Bright red microphone in front of blue, glowing radio screen
Heart Scotland plays hot adult contemporary artists and other genres.

Owned by Global Radio as part of the more extensive UK-wide Heart Network, Heart Scotland is a regional station based in Glasgow city center.

Originally, the channel broadcasted as Scot FM until 2001, when the Guardian Media Group purchased it.

The Heart station follows the hot adult contemporary format with its music programming, playing various songs from different genres.

Though Heart’s listener numbers dropped in 2014, they have gradually increased again in recent years.

In 2023, Heart announced it was reintroducing new daily programs to its playlists, including breakfast, daytime, and weekend shows hosted by famous faces in the Scottish media landscape.

Website: Heart Scotland

5. Smooth Radio Scotland

Otherwise known as Smooth Scotland, Smooth Radio Scotland is an independent station.

As well as broadcasting on the FM channel in the Glasgow region, Smooth is also broadcast on DAB in the East of Scotland and to international listeners online.

Following the adult contemporary format, Smooth is one of Scotland’s best radio stations for music if you’re looking for a mixture of modern and classic hits.

Alongside diverse playlists, the channel is well-known for its regular programs, such as Smooth Drive Home with Angie Greaves and Smooth Breakfast with John Mellis.

Website: Smooth Scotland

6. Forth 1

Owned by the Bauer brand and operating under the Hits Radio network, Forth 1 is an independent station in Edinburgh.

It has an average weekly audience of around 331,000 listeners and broadcasts CHR and pop music in its regular playlists.

Well-known programs produced by the station include Boogie in the Morning, which is broadcast direct from Radio Forth’s Edinburgh studios.

Forth 1 also updates its listeners with regular hourly news bulletins, from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on weekends.

The channel also airs networked programming from Tay FM in Dundee, Clyde 1 in Glasgow, and Manchester’s Hits Radio.

Website: Forth 1

7. Tay FM

Two women radio hosts with microphones smiling
Tay FM has more than 100,000 weekly listeners.

Another well-known Scottish radio station owned by the Bauer brand, Tay FM operates in Dundee, Perth, and the Tayside region.

The channel earns the attention of around 122,000 listeners per week, broadcasting pop and top trending hits.

Alongside a wide range of compelling playlists, Tay FM is also known for its local programming, designed specifically for Scottish listeners.

The programming is produced and broadcast from Tay’s Dundee studios from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on weekdays and 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on weekends.

Like many other channels within the Bauer Hits Radio network, Tay FM also shares regular local news bulletins hourly or half-hourly.

Website: Tay FM

8. Celtic Music Radio

Celtic Music Radio might have just the thing if you’re looking for something a little different from your Scottish radio station.

This community station broadcasts to the Greater Glasgow region on FB, Edinburgh through DAB, and internationally online.

The main focus of the station’s playlists is on contemporary and traditional Celtic-influenced music taken from Ireland and Scotland.

The hosts also play folk, world music, and Americana songs.

Celtic Music Radio is a member of the Scottish Community Broadcasting Network and the Community Media Association.

Website: Celtic Music Radio

9. Subcity Radio

Subcity Radio is a compelling non-profit radio station, events promoter, and art collector based at the University of Glasgow.

It’s run almost exclusively by volunteers from the university, as well as local community members. It aims to provide an alternative to standard mainstream radio options.

The station also hosts an extensive catalog of audio available online for on-demand listening, podcasts, recorded live-stream sessions, and interviews.

For most listeners, it’s a great place to find independent and alternative music from up-and-coming Scottish artists and creators worldwide.

Subcity has no specific playlist, and presenters can broadcast anything they like.

Website: Subcity

10. West Sound

Stacks of vintage colorful radios in the sunlight
West Sound is based in Glasgow and is an independent station.

Otherwise known as Greatest Hits Radio Aryshire, West Sound is an independent local radio station in Glasgow.

Bauer operates and owns it as part of the Greatest Hits Network. West Sound primarily focuses on airing classic hits from throughout the decades.

Much of the station’s daily programming is produced within various Greatest Hits radio studios throughout Glasgow, Dundee, and Edinburgh.

Like many popular radio stations for music in Scotland, West Sound also broadcasts local news bulletins hourly and half-hour updates during drivetime shows and breakfast programs.

Website: GHR Ayrshire

11. Nation Radio Scotland

Formerly known as Rock Radio Real, and XFM Scotland, Nation Radio Scotland is an independent station owned by the Nation Broadcasting Company.

It airs music to listeners across Glasgow, West Central Scotland, and Renfrewshire, focusing on chart and classic pop music.

When Nation Radio was first created, it was a classic rock station dedicated to sharing the top hits from rock legends.

However, after an acquisition, the station changed its format, focusing more on pop music. The channel now broadcasts primarily on FM channels, with a stream available to listeners online too.

Website: Nation Radio Scotland

12. CamGlen Radio

A local radio station based in Rutherglen, South Lancashire, CamGlen Radio started its full-time broadcasting service in 2015.

Primarily, the station focuses on sharing a combination of modern and classic songs from the modern adult contemporary and pop genres.

If you’re looking for the best radio stations for music in Scotland, with minimal interruptions from programming, this could be the channel for you.

The daytime output usually features a 3:1 music/speech mix. In addition, 90 percent of all the music broadcast on the channel is locally produced, so it’s a great way to tune into relevant local artists.

Website: CamGlen Radio

13. Nevis Radio

Finally, Nevis Radio is a local community radio station broadcasting from the Fort William area of Scotland.

It’s a registered charity that shares music and programming 24 hours a day. Part of the day comprises original local programming, while playlists are repeated at other times.

The channel mainly focuses on a contemporary music format, with various genres to explore, from rock to pop.

Nevis also broadcasts events around its transmission area, including Hustings, Agricultural Shows, and various Highland Games.

Website: Nevis Radio

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