Houston’s Top 10 Talk Radio Stations to Listen to All Day

There’s something about radios that always makes us come back to them. Today’s technology means enjoying all the music, books, and shows we like without waiting.

Yet radio represents a new adventure you can tune into whenever you want.

The various hosts and guests on the radio programs help us view things differently and even tell the best stories sometimes!

So we’ve compiled a list of Houston’s top 10 talk radio stations to listen to all day. You’ll find sports stations, art, news, and politics stations here.

Ready to tune in? Let’s start our list!


Baseball field in Houston at sunset with a full house
KBME Sportstalk 790 AM keeps listeners up-to-date on the latest baseball teams in Houston.

In a state that houses more than 10 major league sports teams, it makes sense that most of your cities would enjoy listening to sports. Luckily for Houstons, that’s exactly what 790 Sports Talk provides.

Also known as KBME Sportstalk 790 AM, Sports Talk is a talk radio station based in Houston.

Back in 1944, KBME started as KTHT, and over the years, it embarked on a journey that left it playing pop music for a while.

After that, the station fumbled to stay afloat, eventually becoming the flagship channel for several teams, such as the Houston Rockets for basketball.

It focuses heavily on all local sport-related news and topics and delivers it face-paced and entertainingly.

The station is also known for engaging talk shows from Sean Salisbury, Stan Norfleet, and Chris Gordy. The live play-by-plays of the games are also a massive attraction for sports fans.


KILT SportsRadio 610 is a sports station that began broadcasting a few years after 790 Sports Talk.

At the time, W. Albert Lee owned it, and the station went by KLEE.

The owner helped evolve and improve the station until he sold it in 1952 to another owner, changing the name to KILT.

During those times, the station’s main focus was, surprisingly enough, classic country music!

However, as the years passed, the station switched its format to focus more on sports talk with hosts like Mike Edmonds, Ed Fowler, and Bob Stevenson.

Later, the station signed a deal to become the Houston Texans’ first-ever flagship station for ten years.

KILT belongs to Audacy and provides its listeners with upbeat sports programs.

3. KUHF 88.7

Right after the sports talk, we have another popular radio format: world news.

KUHF 88.7, dubbed Houston Public Media News 88.7, is a news station operating from the University of Houston with KUHT.

The station started in Houston in the early ’40s and ’50s. Both KUHF and KUHT enjoyed help from student volunteers until they got a grant that allowed them to operate with professionals.

The station’s primary focus at the time wasn’t just news but classical and jazz music. They entertained families with lively music, like “Star of a Story” by George Benson, through morning and night.

As the years passed, KUHF placed classical and jazz music on another station, KUHA.

As for KUHF, they turned their attention fully toward news and public affairs.

The station now provides listeners with commercial-free news about culture, art, and politics on one channel. They’re known for their amazing shows, such as the BBC World Service and Today Explained.

4. KXYZ 1320

Houston skyline at sunrise wtih the golden sun emerging between buildings
KXYW 1320 spotlights the Black community through news shows airing 24/7.

Though less known than the previous stations, KXYZ 1320 is no less important!

This station, also known as Houston’s Black Information Network, is one of the best to tune into to stay updated on all things African-American.

Currently, KXYZ is the first and only station that airs a 24/7 national Black news service.

They aim to provide listeners with objective and, most importantly, accurate data about what’s happening in the world of POC.

Compared to the previous stations, this one is the oldest, as it started in 1926 and broadcasted as KTUE before changing the name.

For the longest time, they played music for their listeners that focused on middle-of-the-road (MOR) songs.

Later, they became a Spanish-language station and played many Mexican songs for their fans.

After several management changes, the station settled on delivering news about the African-American community in Houston and America.

5. KNTH 1070

Another talk station you need to tune into is KNTH AM 1070, known as The Answer.

In its beginnings in the ’70s, the main focus of this station was country music.

At the time, it was called KENRِ, and it delighted listeners from morning till night with music from artists such as Jacky Ward and Eddie Kilroy.

The channel was a huge success; families all over Houston loved tuning into it, and artists were happy to find their music playing there.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that KNTH changed its format and became a talk station.

Now the station provides its listeners with a fresh perspective on all political, social, and religious matters.

In addition, its conservative take on the news sets it apart from other stations, allowing the listener a unique, thought-provoking experience.

6. KSEV 700

If you want to listen to show hosts like Ben Shapiro, Joe Pags, and Dan Bongion, you must turn your preset to KSEV 700.

It’s a talk radio station that covers everything from cars, lifestyle, and culture to money and real estate.

The station is usually neck-to-neck with other Houston talk stations, such as the previous KNTH 1070.

KSEV started as KTBT in 1986, focusing on just middle-of-the-road music to entertain listeners.

It wasn’t until the ownership changed that the station’s name turned to KSEV, and the format turned to conservative talk.

To this day, KSEV offers a great mix of national and international news from fantastic hosts.


Three football players celebrating on the field
KFNC is an ESPN radio station founded in the 1970s.

If you thought we were done with the sports talk, you thought wrong! Though you might not know it as KFNC, you’re sure to recognize the ESPN name—it’s been around since the ’70s, after all!

The ESPN station started in the late 1940s with a different name and format. Throughout the years, they shifted between music formats like country, rock, and urban adult contemporary.

Eventually, they landed on sports talk and became the ESPN we know and love.

On this station, you can enjoy various sports talks worldwide, with presenters offering their points of view on games or players.

Of course, their shows are top-notch, with show hosts like John Granato, Lance Zierlein, Jake Asman, Cody Stoots, and Brad Kellner.

8. KROI 92.1 FM

Sometimes, we need to take a step away from the pressures of life and the constant flow of news from every corner.

This is where the KROI radio channel comes in.

In its essence, KROI is an urban gospel radio station that helps its listeners relax and tap into their spiritual side.

In the morning, you can enjoy the beautiful voice of Erica Campbell as she delivers inspirational messages to help you start the day with a smile.

Also, KROI isn’t just about urban gospel music; it also offers great shows that blend music with inspirational stories and life-changing advice.

For instance, the Willie Moore Jr. Show is a great afternoon listen if you want uplifting Christian advice and music.

The channel followed a music format, then flipped to classical and contemporary music afterward.

After a period of miss and hit with its format, it finally settled on urban gospel with a mix of programs and shows to satisfy all listeners.

9. KTRH 740

If there’s one thing in common between us and people back in the early 1920s, it’ll be KTRH 740.

Yes, you read that right! KTRH is one of the first operational radio stations in the US, as it started airing in April 1922.

From that day on, the station entertained listeners no matter what format it went with.

For a while, they used to follow the MOR format to entertain listeners, and then they moved to progressive rock for a time.

Of course, as the years changed, so did ownership and the format the station used.

Eventually, the station settled as a news and talk station, which it still is. You can listen to the Coast to Coast program with George Noory and follow it up with the Fox New Rundown.

Later, you can listen to Michael Berry discuss various topics, such as politics, local Houston issues, etc.

10. KTSU

Like KROI, KTSU, or The Choice, aims to enrich the mind and soul.

How so, you might wonder? They do this by following two formats: Public radio and music.

Turning your radio to the KTSU station lets you enjoy a couple of beautiful songs followed by a nice program.

For instance, they have a show titled Real World, Real Talk By Dr. DZ Cofield, which discusses various topics that might interest listeners.

Another program they offer is Impact Houston with Donna Franklin, Christopher Johnson, and Marcus Session.

This program is heavily focused on the local community and the issues that affect them.

Wrapping Up

If you want to listen to sports talk in Houston, you must head over to KBME Sportstalk 790 AM, KILT SportsRadio 610, or KFNC.

Each station discusses different elements of sport with a unique style and a compelling take.

On the other hand, if you like to stay up-to-date on current news, we recommend listening to KXYZ 1320, KSEV 700, KTRH 740, KNTH 1070, or KUHF 88.7.

Lastly, turn your radio to KROI 92.1 or FM KTSU if you want to unwind. Both channels offer a blend of gospel music and life-affirming messages that get you thinking.

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