Best AM/FM Radio

Best AM/FM radio: Brilliant AM/FM solutions for radio lovers

The best AM/FM radio gives you more control over your station options. If you love listening to radio, and you want to be able to browse multiple frequencies, an AM/FM radio is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for everyday entertainment.

Though AM radio is increasingly becoming less common among radio companies, there are still plenty of fantastic products out there to ensure you can enjoy your audio in style.

The biggest challenge for today’s radio fans, is tracking down a device that’s both affordable, and packed with the essential features you need.

Today, we’re going to be listing some of our favorite AM/FM radio products, chosen for their ease-of-use, exceptional performance, and sound quality.

Our picks for the best AM/FM radio are:

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1. Byron Statics portable AM/FM (best vintage)

If you’re looking for a portable AM/FM radio with a touch of nostalgia included, the Byron Statics radio could be the product for you. This easy-to-use personal AM/FM radio is ideal for any room of the house, with a convenient handle for portability.

There’s also battery operation, so you don’t have to plug into the outlet unless you want to.

The Byron Statics AM/FM radio comes with easy-to-use tuning knobs, so you can brows through different receptions without having to figure out any smartphone apps or buttons. There’s a headphone jack for private listening, and a telescopic antenna for improving signal quality.

Features include:

  • Easy to use AM/FM radio
  • Convenient headphone jack or speaker option
  • Vintage design with tuning knobs
  • Cary handle for portability
  • AC or battery power
  • Large dial display
  • Extending antenna
  • Static-free frequency

Perhaps the most appealing part of this Byron Statics radio is its unique appearance. A compelling vintage design ensures you can spruce up the aesthetic of any room in a matter of seconds.

Combined with exceptional ease of use, this radio could make a fantastic gift for someone in your life with a love of radio who doesn’t want too many bells and whistles.


  • Beautiful vintage design
  • Easy to use tuning knobs
  • Decent sound quality without static
  • Suitable for AC or battery power
  • Adjustable antenna


  • Plastic components can chip over time
  • No advanced features
Byron Statics portable
10,339 Reviews
Byron Statics portable
The Byron Statics portable is designed for its portability, meaning you can move the radio from room to room with ease!
Best AM:FM Radio 3
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2. PRUNUS J-401 AM/FM radio (best with shortwave)

This handheld AM/FM radio from PRUNUS is one of the most versatile on the market today. Small and lightweight, the device can travel with you on any adventure, and comes with a durable lanyard for easy portability.

Unlike most AM/FM radios, the PRUNUS J.401 also comes with a host of additional functions, like shortwave radio scanning and storing.

There’s a voice recorder for making notes, an MP3 speaker with lyric display, and a lock button, so you don’t knock your radio when on the move. The 40.7cm antenna ensures you can improve your reception easily, and you’ll get excellent audio quality thanks to the built-in DSP chip.

The rechargeable battery even lasts for up to 10 hours.

Features include:

  • Convenient handheld size with lanyard
  • AM/FM radio streaming
  • Shortwave radio scan and store
  • MP3 speaker with lyric display
  • Sleep timer
  • Locking button
  • Voice recording
  • 10 hours of rechargeable battery life
  • Extendable 40.7cm antenna
  • DSP chip for sound quality
  • Aux and TF card support

A high-quality speaker with bass diaphragm delivers good sound in any environment. When you’re done browsing through radio channels, you can also connect other devices for streaming music with the TF card and AUX-in support features.


  • Good sound quality
  • SW, AM and FM radio
  • Voice recording feature
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Easy to maintain great signal


  • Not as durable as some portable radios
  • Screen is a little small
Best AM:FM Radio 4
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3. Victrola Retro Wood AM/FM radio (best retro)

An attractive option for those in search of an eye-catching AM/FM radio, the Victrola Retro Wood system combines practicality and style.

This AM/FM radio tuner is a delight to look at, with a stunning wooden surround to help improve audio resonance, and a vintage-style grill to bring character to any home.

The timeless AM/FM radio with Bluetooth offers crisp sound reproduction and wide-range connectivity for all kinds of music playback.

You can easily browse through AM/FM stations with a knob which doubles up as a tuner, volume control, and power button. There’s also the option to adjust bass and treble to customize your listening experience too.

This radio is sure to make the right impact anywhere in your home.

Features include:

  • AM/FM radio tuning
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming
  • Wooden surround and durable grill
  • Unique vintage design
  • Excellent sound quality with bass and treble adjustments
  • Easy controls
  • High-quality long-lasting design
  • Available with a matching record player
  • Compact enough for most homes

A beautiful radio with a solid sound quality, this little device is a great choice for all kinds of homes. Finding stations can be a little tricky if you don’t have the best signal to begin with. There’s also no extendable antenna, but you can connect to Bluetooth for more audio options.


  • Attractive retro design
  • Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming
  • AM/FM radio tuning with easy controls
  • Decent sound quality with good acoustics
  • Durable design


  • A little small for some users
  • No extendable antenna
Victrola Retro Wood AM/FM radio
6,531 Reviews
Victrola Retro Wood AM/FM radio
Bring a vintage style to your house with the Victoria Retro Wood. This radio not only has bluetooth wireless streaming, but is also a delight to look at.
Best AM:FM Radio 5
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4. VONDIOR portable AM/FM radio (best for NOAA)

If you’re looking for the smallest AM/FM radio to take with you on outdoor adventures, VONDIOR could have the perfect solution. This personal AM/FM radio is designed to deliver excellent audio in any situation.

The portable device is powered by 2 AA batteries and has enough energy to operate for days at a time before you need to replace the power.

With excellent reception, you’ll be able to find the AM and FM stations you want to listen to, even when you’re not in the best environment. This handheld radio also comes with NOAA crystal-clear weather broadcasts, for peace of mind in emergency situations.

Features include:

  • Portable pocket-sized design
  • AM/FM radio access
  • Constant NOAA radio access
  • AA battery power with days of life
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Great frequency and signal
  • Extendable aerial included
  • Durable design to stand the test of time
  • Headphone socket for private listening
  • 3-year warranty

If you want a radio to similarly prepare you for emergency situations and give you AM/FM channel access, the VONDIOR pocket radio could be the perfect choice.

This compact and durable device comes with all the features you need to listen to the channels you love, as well as emergency NOAA channel connections, and is wonderfully easy to use too.


  • Compact and portable for travel
  • Excellent battery power
  • Good durability for all situations
  • Emergency NOAA weather reporting
  • Extendable antenna


  • Needs the antenna constantly extending for the best reception
VONDIOR portable AM/FM radio
The VONDIOR is made for outdoor situations. If you enjoy camping and nature, this is the radio for you!
Best AM:FM Radio 6
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5. GESON RM-155 Pro (best portable)

If you’re looking for a personal AM/FM radio you can take with you on trips, the GESON RM-155 Pro could be the ultimate choice. This battery-operated AM/FM radio is a radio and speaker in one, with TF card and U-disk connectivity, and USB cable access.

The rechargeable battery can last for up to 10 hours with a single charge, so you can listen to your favorite music all day with no problem.

Though compact, the GESON RM-155 Pro offers an excellent quality of sound, and wonderful ease of use. You can set pre-sets on your radio system to help you find the AM and FM channels you like most.

There’s also a range of quick controls like fast-forward and rewind you can access on the device itself. An extendable antenna allows for excellent signal access.

Features include:

  • One of the smallest AM/FM radios for portability
  • USB cable for transmitting data
  • 10-hour battery life with rechargeable battery
  • Speaker or headphone support
  • USB charging cord
  • Lanyard for portability
  • 12-month warranty
  • Attractive design

Small enough to fit in your backpack or pocket, this convenient portable radio is an excellent investment for any radio fan. Affordable, lightweight, and reliable, there are tons of ways to listen to your favorite music with this handy device.

Access to a simple user interface also means finding your ideal radio channels is a breeze.


  • Headphone or speaker option
  • Rechargeable 10-hour battery
  • SD, TF and USB connect
  • Easy AM/FM channel surfing
  • Small, portable design


  • Not very durable
  • Limited volume
GESON RM-155 Pro
The GESON includes a rechargeable battery that lives up to 10 hours, meaning a simple charge at night will last you for the rest of the day!
Best AM:FM Radio 7
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6. Sangean PR-D5BK portable (best with alarm function)

Created by popular audio company, Sangean, the PR-D5BK radio is a lightweight and appealing product for radio fans. This high-performance radio comes with a 200mm Ferrite AM bar for antenna reception boosting.

You can set up to 5 pre-set stations for your AM and FM channels and access a full PLL synthetized tuning system for better reception and stereo audio.

As a battery-powered AM/FM radio, the Sangean ensures you can take your music with you wherever you go.

The back-lit screen includes all the information you need to know about the channels you’re browsing, and you get a battery power indicator too. Tuning is quick and simple with a digital system, and you always get amazing audio performance.

Features include:

  • 10 station presets (5 AM/5 FM)
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Digital tuning system
  • Excellent stereo audio performance
  • Station auto seeking
  • Stereo/mono switch
  • Station automatic seeking
  • 200mm AM antenna bar
  • Alarm by radio or HWS

As the ultimate AM/FM radio companion, the battery powered Sangean radio comes with everything you need to enjoy your favorite audio. You can even use this device as an alarm system thanks to an easy-to-read LCD display with backlight.

There’s also a station auto-seeking service to help you find the channels you want.


  • Convenient digital tuning system
  • Alarm by radio or HWS
  • 200mm ferrite AM antenna bar
  • Up to 10 presets in total
  • Excellent audio performance


  • Not the best appearance
  • Difficult to swap batteries

Sangean PR-D5BK portable
With the Sangean, you can set up to 5 pre-set stations for your AM and FM channels.
Best AM:FM Radio 8
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7. Ryobi P746 One+ (best for durability)

The Ryobi P746 radio is an AM/FM stereo system with a dual-power solution, so you can always ensure you have access to the radio channels you need whenever you like.

The hybrid power source option means you can plug your device straight into the wall or use rechargeable batteries for music on the move. The Ryobi plays AM/FM radio channels, but it also allows you to connect your smartphone too.

The Ryobi P746 is excellent for versatility, with the option to plug extra speakers in with the added Aux out function. The extra durable design of the speaker, combined with the helpful carrying handle, also ensures you can take your Ryobi offering wherever life takes you.

Features include:

  • Battery or wall power options
  • Ryobi durable materials throughout
  • Device charging with USB port
  • AM/FM radio access
  • Built-in audio equalizer
  • Support for plugging in extra speakers
  • 18V Ryobi lithium-ion battery
  • Portable handle included

Aside from being ultra-durable and reliable, the Ryobi P7846 One+ also allows you to adjust elements of your audio with a bass and treble equalizer system. You’ll even be able to charge up your portable devices with access to the USB charging ports.


  • Battery or wall powered
  • Equalizer built-in for bass and treble control
  • Device charging feature
  • AM/FM radio and MP3 access
  • Durable materials


  • No Bluetooth
  • Not the best volume
Ryobi P746 One+
The Ryobi P746 has the option to plug in extra speakers with the added Aux out function, meaning volume will never be a problem.
Best AM:FM Radio 9
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8. Eton FRX2 hand turbine (best power options)

Want to make sure you’re always prepared to listen to your favorite radio channels? Eton has you covered. This AM/FM handheld radio with hand crank ensures you can power up your radio with the turbine if you don’t have batteries available.

There’s also a solar power option available too. With an LED flashlight to light up your evenings, and a mini-USB cable for at-home charging, this radio has it all.

Created by one of the most reliable companies in emergency radio development, the Eton FRX2 is a versatile AM/FM radio with a glow in the dark locator, to help you find your device whenever you need it.

There’s also access to NOAA radio channels when you need to check-in on emergency weather reports. As an extra bonus, the fully charged radio can also power up your smartphone with the USB port section.

Features include:

  • Charging cable
  • Solar power and hand crank
  • Weather alert NOAA
  • AM/FM radio channels
  • 3-LED flashlight
  • Headphone output
  • Glow in the dark locator
  • Phone charging

Small, compact, and ready for anything, the Eton FRX2 is an excellent little device, durable enough to withstand all kinds of adventures.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any waterproofing or dust proofing included as part of the build, so you will need to be careful about how you protect your device when on the move.


  • Solar power and hand crank
  • LED flashlight
  • Glow in the dark locator
  • Charging point for your smartphone
  • Weather alert channels


  • No ruggedization
Eton FRX2 hand turbine
832 Reviews
Eton FRX2 hand turbine
The Eton has a hand crank function, meaning forgetting batteries will never let you down.
Best AM:FM Radio 10
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9. Tivoli AM/FM radio (best home radio)

Finally, if you want a simple, effective and attractive AM/FM radio to keep in your home, the Tivoli AM/FM radio is an excellent choice. This high-performance radio comes with a simple but appealing design in a range of colors to suit your home.

There’s a set of easy-to-use controls, including knobs for adjusting your frequency, your volume, and more.

The high-performance frequency adjustment knob ensures you can avoid as much noise as possible. There’s also a 3-inch long throw driver to ensure excellent tonal balance and fantastic bass response when you’re listening to your favorite music.

For extra audio options, Bluetooth controls ensures you can stream high-quality audio from your preferred source.

Features include:

  • Simple attractive design in a range of colors
  • Hand-made wood cabinet for acoustics
  • Frequency hopping spread spectrum
  • 3-inch throw driver
  • Amber tuning LED
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • High-performance sound

Designed to sound and look incredible, this Tivoli AM/FM radio is sure to deliver the kind of fantastic experience you’re looking for each morning.

Whether sitting in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, the wooden surround offers excellent acoustics, while the internal technology promises fantastic clarity.


  • Simple and accurate tuning
  • Highly accurate sound reproduction
  • Wooden housing for brilliant acoustics
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Attractive design


  • No screen or clock function
Tivoli AM/FM radio
If a simple and effective AM/FM radio is what you're after, look no further. The Tivoli features a simple and attractive design in a range of colours for you to choose from.

How to choose the best AM/FM radio

Choosing the best AM/FM radio is different for everyone. The right choice for your needs will depend on what you’re looking for. 

Do you need a portable AM/FM radio you can take with you on camping trips and adventures? Are you looking for a personal AM/FM radio to keep in your bedroom, or something designed specifically for the living room?

With so many different styles available on the market today, it’s important to consider your needs carefully before making this all-important investment. 

Here are some things to think about:


Will you be keeping your AM/FM radio tuner in your home, or do you need it to be portable? A battery-operated AM/FM radio will be easier to take with you on the move. You may also need something with a handle or lanyard.


Aside from AM/FM radio signals, what else can you access with your new radio? Do you want a Bluetooth AM/FM radio which allows you to stream your own content? Are you looking for something with NOAA weather reports and easy-to-use emergency features?

Ease of use 

The best radios are easy to set up and use whenever you need them. Look for a radio with a simple set of controls. Something with a clear and straightforward screen where you can track things like frequencies and battery power is often a good choice. 


There are various points to consider when it comes to design. If you’re looking for a handheld AM/FM radio, you’ll need something compact, sleek, but still durable enough to withstand the outdoors. An indoor radio’s design will usually focus more on aesthetics.

Sound quality 

Probably the most important feature of any AM/FM radio, sound quality dictates how much you’ll enjoy listening to your device. Read through AM/FM radio reviews for an insight into sound performance. 

Options to adjust your EQ are often helpful if you’re picky about sound performance. 

Other features 

Many popular AM/FM radios come with a range of additional features for convenient, like an automatic tuning service, or pre-sets to help you find your favorite channels. You can also access things like flashlights on emergency radios. 

When it comes to choosing the best AM/FM radio, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Fortunately, with so many amazing options to choose from, you shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking down the right technology. 

Don’t forget to check out our wide range of other radio reviews to help you find the perfect system for your needs. 

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