VQ Monty

The VQ Monty digital radio is a simple, stylish, and feature-rich audio solution for people who want aesthetics and sound quality without paying a fortune. With features like USB charge and AUX-in to help you connect external devices too, there’s not a lot that you can’t do with this kit. Users can even stream their favourite music as they go to sleep.



If you’re searching for a stylish and compact radio that’s easy to use and brimming with features, at this price point, than it’s difficult to go wrong with the VQ Monty. This radio set gave us plenty of surprises by offering surprisingly strong performance regardless of its low price point.

What’s more, there are no major drawbacks or flaws to speak of. Things like a lack of dedicated preset buttons might be inconvenient, but these issues are easy to overcome. The VQ Monty is amazing for your bedside table, kitchen counter, or music on-the-go.

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