Ruark R5

The unique aesthetic appeal of the R5 means that you’re sure to want to make it a focal point within your living room or bedroom – no matter what colour you choose. While it’s not the cheapest compact music system on the market, it’s fair to say that there’s real value in ownership. And it sounds fantastic.



If you’re looking for an incredibly powerful, yet beautifully elegant sound system that will fill your home with style and sound, then this could be the perfect investment. The sleek and retro design of the Ruark R5 proves that big things don’t always have to come in big packages.

The Ruark R5 probably won’t suit those on a budget, and it’s not the type of radio system for every room in the house. If, however, you appreciate audiophile quality, and have a genuine love and appreciation for music, then the R5 has great appeal.

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