The 10 Best Radio Kits To Buy in the UK (Do It Yourself)

Pursuing project-based hobbies, such as building radios, benefits children and adults.

These hobbies can keep adults engaged and busy and help children learn skills that will benefit them in school.

Many do-it-yourself radio kits are out there, but which is the best?

The best do-it-yourself radio kit in the UK depends on your skill level. The top radio kit for children is the Snap Circuits Mini FM Radio, while the Elenco FM Radio Kit is great for teenagers. The Elenco AM/FM Radio Kit is best for most adults or advanced hobbyists.

The rest of this article examines 10 do-it-yourself radio kits and discusses each kit’s suitability for child, teenager, and adult hobbyists.

Let’s take a look!

Best Radio Kits for Children

Kids building with toys on a table
Kids’ radio kits can broaden their skills and generate an interest in STEM.

Kids can acquire many skills by building radios. Here are some of the best starter kits for children.

Snap Circuits Mini FM Radio

With the Snap Circuits Mini FM Radio Kit, children as young as five or six can build a working FM radio and tune it to their favorite stations.

It’s made of colored electronic components that snap into a plastic base.

In addition to building an FM radio, children can use this kit to construct a power amplifier, electronic kazoo, and trombone.


  • No soldering is required.
  • Instructions are clear and easy to understand.


  • Three AA batteries are required but not included.
  • The kit contains small parts that can pose a choking hazard. It is not recommended for children under three years old.

It’s currently unavailable on Amazon UK. However, you can purchase it from RobotShop instead.

Tengry Electrical Circuit STEM Building Block

This starter electronic circuit board kit allows children eight and older to learn how electronics work.

In addition to building a working radio, this kit features over 30 other electronic experiments children can engineer, including lamps, fans, and speakers.


  • No soldering or tools are required.
  • Clear instructions for all projects are included.
  • Great for learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
  • Has light, sound, and touch controls, which keeps children stimulated.


  • Younger children might require adult supervision.
  • Requires two AA batteries, which are not included.
  • Small parts can be a choking hazard. It is not recommended for children under three.

The Tengry radio kit is available for same-day delivery through Amazon UK.

Best Radio Kits for Teenagers

A group of teenagers sitting around in a circle on concrete listening to the radio with an open, mostly empty pizza box in the vicinity
DIY radio kits for UK teens can help them foster a talent and find a new hobby.

Once they’ve learned the basics of radio assembly, teenagers can improve their skills by working on these kits.

Elenco FM Radio Kit

The Elenco FM Radio Soldering Kit is a good choice for teenagers looking to learn how to solder or improve their soldering skills.

The kit also includes everything needed to build a functional FM radio receiver.


  • The audio is loud and clear.
  • Strikes the right balance between challenge and ease of use, which is perfect for teenagers.


  • Some reviews rate Elenco’s intermediate radio kits as difficult for teenagers and adults.
  • The soldering iron can get hot enough to damage parts.
  • Antenna quality is poor, according to some reviews.

For something a little more challenging, the Elenco FM Radio Soldering Kit can be a great way to start a new hobby. You can get it through this link to Amazon.

Xruison FM Radio Kit

This FM radio transmitter kit is also a soldering practice kit. Teenagers can practice welding techniques and learn more about electronic principles.

Even though there is no housing for the finished radio, it will be stable on any flat surface after assembly.


  • This is a good kit to help teens improve their soldering skills and learn more about the basics of electronics.
  • Instructions are clear and easy to follow, with text and helpful diagrams.
  • The radio, once built, is of good quality with sensitive tuning for both AM and FM stations.


  • Some critics say that the volume control does not allow the radio to get very loud.
  • Some radio kits contained parts that were not necessary for the final product.

Looking to hone your welding techniques? The Xrusion radio kit is a good choice! You can add it to your Amazon cart here.

IC Station FM Radio Kit

This kit is useful as a way to practice soldering skills, but it also yields a practical and colorful FM radio.

When assembled, 10 LED lights flash in different colors in sync with the beat of the radio sound.


  • The finished radio is housed in a clear acrylic case to protect it from dust and other external damage.
  • The radio features a high-definition LCD display.
  • Does not require batteries.


  • The lowest volume setting is too loud for some reviewers.
  • Instructions can be difficult to understand.

The clear acrylic housing will turn heads once you finish assembling this radio kit. You can check out its Amazon page by clicking this link.

Best Radio Kits for Adults

An up close shot of dusty radio components as part of a radio kit
Adult radio lovers should try making their own. It’s a fun, exciting challenge!

Advanced radio hobbyists will certainly enjoy working on these radio kits.

Elenco AM/FM Radio Kit

This advanced-level kit allows hobbyists to construct an AM/FM receiver with integrated circuits and transistor technologies.

It also features a comprehensive training course divided into nine different modules. Teens with advanced skills will also enjoy this kit.


  • The kit includes a radio mounting stand.
  • Users found the kit well structured with good quality components.
  • This advanced-level kit is a challenge for experienced builders.


  • Good soldering skills are important to avoid bad connections during assembly.
  • The copper circuitry is thin and easily damaged.
  • The troubleshooting guide is not very helpful.

With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, find out what buyers are raving about by using this link.

Vogurtime AM/FM Radio Kit

This kit offers users plenty to learn during the construction of the radio, as it receives both AM and FM frequencies and requires the installation of an antenna.


  • Assembled radio has good sound quality.
  • The PCBoard is high-quality fiberglass.
  • Easy to tune.


  • Some users found it difficult to fit batteries in the battery holder.
  • Two AA batteries are required but not included.
  • You will need your own soldering tools.

For almost £25, you can get your own self-assembled fiberglass radio with relatively good sound quality! Check it out on Amazon through this link.

Oumefar CF210SP Dual-Band Radio Kit

Completing this radio kit will get you an AM/FM two-band radio that can also pick up the audio of some television signals.


  • High-end amplifier circuits ensure good volume and sound quality.
  • Batteries can be recharged with a USB cable.
  • The circuit board is constructed of high-quality epoxy.


  • A rechargeable battery is recommended but not included.
  • Plastic casing for the finished radio has been reported to resonate at certain frequencies; this can lead to some sound distortion.

Instructions are quite simple. They are so simple that they’re posted right on the Oumefar’s Amazon product page.

Aimeliae AM/FM Radio Kit

Hobbyists who are looking for a challenge will love this radio kit. It requires basic knowledge of electronics and good soldering skills.

An instruction guide is included, but beginners might need more information than the instructions provided.


  • The kit includes a radio case.
  • The finished product is a high-quality AM/FM radio.
  • Experienced kit builders will enjoy the challenge.


  • The tuning indicator knob can be hard to turn.
  • The instruction manual is in Chinese, but instructional videos are on YouTube.
  • The finished radio works well, but according to one review, it breaks easily.

This radio kit is certainly quite basic for experienced radio hobbyists. However, it comes with the fun of deciphering Chinese on your own! You can get it for as low as £24 on Amazon!

Final Thoughts

Which is the best do-it-yourself radio kit? The answer depends on who is asking or who the kit is for.

Children will love bright colors and snap-together components. Radio kits are a great way to ignite enthusiasm for STEM.

Meanwhile, teens and adults will appreciate flexing their soldering skills and knowledge of electronics on the more advanced kits.

Some kits only require secondary education, while others will challenge even new engineering students.

With the right kit, everyone will enjoy hours of educational fun building their own radio.

if you live across the pond, then the selections from the USA and Canada may be more helpful. You can save big on shipping!

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